Fox News Host Asks Trump’s Truth Social CEO About its Stock Flop, Gets Babbling Lies in Response

The saga of Donald Trump’s frequent financial failures continues unabated into the 2024 presidential election cycle. The most recent example of a Trump enterprise that is destined to go belly up is his ego-driven social media scam, Truth Social, that he launched after he was banned from Twitter for posting flagrant and dangerous lies.

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In its short history, the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which runs Truth Social, has racked up an impressive record of failure. It has lost millions of dollars, been investigated for securities fraud, and seen its early investors arrested for insider trading. And to top it off, its newly listed stock suffered a massive meltdown, resulting in fortunes being lost by Trump’s most devoted supporters.

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On Sunday morning Devin Nunes, the CEO of TMTG, and former Trump-fluffing GOP congressman, was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on Fox News. The segment began with a surprisingly accurate summary of the troubles the stock encountered in going public. Bartiromo, ordinarily an ardent purveyor of pro-Trump propaganda, prefaced her interview with some uncharacteristically (for Fox News) factual information (video below)

“President Trump’s media company has had a volatile two weeks. The stock finished down about 30% this week. The company, which operates Trump’s Truth Social platform, lost $4 billion in market value after gaining six billion in value during its debut on the Nasdaq two weeks ago. For 2023, Trump media posted a loss of $58 million on revenue and $4.1 million in a regulatory filing. The company also disclosed that its auditor had raised concerns about its ability to continue operating before its recent merger and IPO.”

OUCH! Bartiromo then introduced Nunes and asked him pointedly, “When would you expect this company to turn profitable?” Notice that Nunes never comes close to answering the question. Instead, he rambles incoherently about unrelated and/or imaginary obstacles that he says the company has faced. And true to the Trump ethos, the company was a victim of a devious cabal of covert enemies conspiring against it.

“Look, it’s important to remember that those numbers are based on what was the longest IPO in history. So we were over regulated. So if you actually look at the cost we built Truth Social – our beachhead against Big Tech, an impenetrable beachhead that everybody said couldn’t be done without using Big Tech companies – that was built for a fraction of what many of these Big Tech dinosaur companies were built for. So even if you take the ridiculous cost that it took us to get to this point, we are well positioned. Why are we well positioned? Because we have no debt. We’re coming out of this with no debt, a platform that works really, really well, that communicates to millions of people. And then we have $200 million in the bank.”

For the record, it was not the longest IPO in history. And his definition of “over regulated” just means having been required to comply with the same laws that every other company does prior to a stock market listing. If it was launched on the cheap, as Nunes claims, that’s apparent in how often it has crashed, including on the day it premiered on the NASDAQ. So much for it being “a platform that works really, really well.”

As for Nunes’ claims that the company is “well positioned” and free of debt, that reeks of stock fraud considering its huge losses, of which about 67% is interest on outstanding loans. Undeterred by reality, Nunes then unleashes a buzzword salad, saying that he is looking at “the entire ecosystem,” and asserting that the primary question his business is asking is “What does it take to make sure that we protect people in the United States and around the globe from these tyrants of Big Tech who want to silence them?” See? It’s all an altruistic venture for Nunes and Trump.

Of course, Nunes is not alone in his deceitful grifting. Trump has also been pumping this dump of a stock. A few days ago he posted a comment blasting all of his competitors as “those in the Radical Left Democrats Party who are failing at every level.” And he touted Truth Social as “the primary way I get the word out and, for better or worse.” It’s interesting that he acknowledges the “worse” part of that. Then he claimed that “people want to hear what I have to say, perhaps, according to experts, more than anyone else in the World.” And by “experts” he means his MAGA cultists and other assorted rubes, such as his army of disbarred attorneys and the incarcerated January 6th insurrectionists.

If Nunes’ appearance on Fox News is successful in getting some more of their viewers to buy TMTG stock Monday morning, it may get a bit of bounce. But in the end it is still likely to sink to a level approaching the amount of debt that Nunes says the company has – ZERO! And they will get what they deserve for believing an obvious con men.

UPDATE I: Apparently Nunes’ appearance on Fox News was not successful (surprise). Rather than the bounce he hoped for on the Monday morning following his interview, the TMTG stock dived another 10%, putting it down about 55% from it’s high, and below it’s opening price one the first day of trading.

UPDATE II: One week later, the stock is continuing to decline. So the company announced that it is issuing 21.5 million new shares, diluting the value even more.


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