Eric Trump Tells Fox News that Daddy Trump is Making Millions of Dollars Off His Court Cases

From the day that Donald Trump rode down his golden escalator in Trump Tower to announce his ambition to occupy the White House, he has endeavored to profit personally from the presidency and the political, business, and diplomatic favors he would be able to sell, even to hostile foreign governments.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

Trump spent his term in office pandering to the likes of Vladimir Putin of Russia, and Muhammad bin Salmon of Saudi Arabia, in order to rake in cash to prop up his failing real estate enterprise. And he spent his years after being evicted from the White House fleecing his flock of cult followers with flagrant lies about “rigged and stolen” elections and whining about being justly prosecuted for his multitude of crimes.

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Virtually everything Trump does is an appeal for funds. That’s because he desperately needs the money pay lawyers and spokesmodels (sometimes the same person) in a futile effort to avoid conviction for crimes ranging from financial fraud to election interference to violations of the Espionage Act. Consequently, he has resorted to hawking cheesy merchandise such as gold sneakers and a Trump-endorsed bible.

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On Wednesday morning Trump spawn Eric was interviewed on Fox News by Brian Kilmeade, co-host of Fox and Friends. During the segment Eric let slip a bit of the truth about his father’s compulsive greed…

Kilmeade: For six to eight weeks, he [Donald Trump] could be stuck in a New York courtroom. That’s Monday through Thursday, eight to 10 hours a day. How do you overcome that? What’s the plan to overcome it? It’s not gonna be a surprise.
Trump: Every single time he walks into a courtroom, millions and millions of dollars flow in because the American people know exactly what’s happening to him. And you have a judge who has a family member who literally profits off of these cases. She was making millions and millions off of these cases. Whose Twitter profile is literally my father behind bars, and that’s what New York has become.”

So according to Mr. Eric, Daddy Morebucks is profiting bigly from his misadventures in the judicial system. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Trump has been shamelessly and repeatedly begging for donations from his cult to rescue him from the reaches of the law. He’s pretending that it’s all a huge conspiracy to destroy him. For instance, on the same morning as this interview, Trump posted a comment on his failing social media scam, Truth Social, bemoaning the dreadfulness of his pathetic life, saying that…

“The White House Thugs should not be allowed to have these dangerous and unfair Biden Trials during my campaign for President. […] On Monday I will be forced to sit, GAGGED, before a HIGHLY CONFLICTED & CORRUPT JUDGE, whose hatred for me has no bounds.

Poor thing. What’s surprising is that Eric is admitting on national television that Daddy Trump’s plaintive wailing about being allegedly persecuted are bullcrap. He isn’t really seething with the anger that he pretends to have. He’s actually thrilled with the wealth that it’s generating. Eric makes that clear by answering the question as to how Trump will “overcome” being “stuck in a courtroom” by replying that it isn’t a burden that needs to be “overcome” at all. It’s a strategy that he’s pursuing.

In addition to that revelation from Eric, he also blatantly lies that the judge and his daughter are “making millions and millions off of these cases.” They are not, and he doesn’t even bother to provide any hint of proof of slanderous accusation. He also accuses the judge’s daughter of posting a picture of him behind bars. That has also been proven to be false.

So the next time you hear Trump lamenting his fate, remember that, according to Eric, it’s really just another grift by the Trump Crime Family. And the only reason he is running at all is to cash in financially, and to stay out of prison.


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5 thoughts on “Eric Trump Tells Fox News that Daddy Trump is Making Millions of Dollars Off His Court Cases

  1. Stupid does not fall far from the stupid tree! Eric is just as dumb as his daddy is!

  2. “Off with their heads” would be less than deserved, uh?

  3. Why do they let Eric out in public? He’s the one that spilled the beans on the Trump Brand being financed by Russia. All this stuff is supposed to be secret.

    • Actually, I think the one who spilled the beans about Trump being financed by Russia was Don Jr. He’s the one most like his dad — big mouth can’t stop babbling. Even when it hurts.

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