Trump Desperately Clings to Fox News Legal Hacks Who Ignore the Law to Fluff Trump

There is now a predictable ritual that occurs every time that Donald Trump makes an appearance in court. Immediately following the hearing Trump ambles out to a nearby rabble of reporters gathered to record his post-trial rants (and the press really needs to stop doing that). With the jury now selected we can expect to see these staged sniveling sessions on a near daily basis for the next few weeks.

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Donald Trump, Fox News

Never mind that there is never anything newsworthy to report from these disgorgements of grievances. It’s just Trump repeating the same complaints he does whenever a camera is pointed at him. He’s either crying about being a helpless victim or falsely accusing everyone from the judge to the prosecutors to the witnesses to the jury, of being biased against him in what he insists is a “rigged” trial that he should never have had to endure.

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On Thursday Trump brought some props to his circus act. He awkwardly rifled through a stack of printouts someone provided for him of articles from sycophantic right-wing media. He was presenting them as “proof” that the charges against him were unfounded. But they were pretty weak evidence. He read off a few of his sources, and they were all Fox News legal analysts…

“Jonathan Turley. Gregg Jarrett. Andrew McCarthy. Every one of them saying, they call it a zombie case, meaning it is no case. And they say it’s unconstitutional. They don’t think the case is…These are all stories that have taken place over the last few days.”

Well then, that settles it. Dismiss the case and let Trump return to the comfort of his Mar-a-Lago bunker. He later claimed that these article represented all of the opinions about his case, saying that “I haven’t seen one that says it’s a good trial.”

Apparently Trump has a very narrow field of vision. He obviously hasn’t seen the opinions of respected legal experts like Lawrence Tribe, Andrew Weissmann, Joyce Vance, Neal Katyal, Michael Luttig, Barbara McQuade, Glenn Kirschner, Jill Wine-Banks, and even his own former attorney, Ty Cobb. All of whom regard the case against Trump as strong and likely to lead to a conviction.

As affirmation that what Trump is doing is a joke, his courtside spectacle was addressed by Jimmy Kimmel in his monologue Thursday night, who noted that…

“The MAGA media, they’re doing everything they can to push this idea that this won’t be a fair trial. That way, when he loses, they can say the jury was rigged.”

Then Kimmel played a series of clips of people on Fox News and Newsmax insisting that Trump can’t a get fair trial because Manhattan is chock full of Trump haters. Which is interesting, because Trump is also saying this….

It’s also interesting that these Trump-fluffers in the wingnut press are baselessly alleging that liberals are lying to get on the jury, but they never mention the possibility of Trump cultists doing so. Even though some MAGA crackpots are explicitly encouraging it.

Clearly the only threat to a fair trial is being posed by Trump and his MAGA minions. Along with those who are trying to taint the jury, there people like Sean Hannity and Jesse Watters who are trying to intimidate prospective jurors by revealing identifying information about them on the air.

Hopefully their tactics won’t work, and the trial will proceed to a fair conclusion. And hopefully, in the interim, the media will refrain from airing Trump’s sideshow antics during the intermissions.


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One thought on “Trump Desperately Clings to Fox News Legal Hacks Who Ignore the Law to Fluff Trump

  1. The media must stop reporting the trial as entertainment and cover the NEWS, because that’s what this trial is. It’s actual election interference by Trump and covering his rants as if they were the Ten Commandments is not helping. For most of his life he has got away with committing crimes and disrespecting the courts. He might still except he got into politics and ran for President. He should have known what would follow — scrutiny.

    Most news channels have a rule that helps keep their hosts in line. If they don’t report the news, there’s a fine. And that comes directly out of the host’s paycheck. Enough to sting. I hear about it at every post-election roundtable.

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