WHUT? Trump’s ‘Legal’ Spokesmodel Whines on Fox News She’s ‘Not Even Sure What the Crime Is’

In the earliest days of Donald Trump’s political misadventures, he promised that he would hire only “the best people” He then proceeded to appoint dozens of officials to top positions in his administration who he later declared were unqualified, dishonest, and incompetent. According to Trump himself, he employed an army of imbeciles that he eventually had to fire because they were, in his view, too inept to serve.

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The parade of “losers” that Trump foisted on the nation included his White House Chiefs of Staff (Kelly, Mulvaney), Attorneys General (Sessions, Barr), Secretary of State (Tillerson), Secretary of Defense (Esper), National Security Advisor (Bolton), U.N. Ambassador (Haley), and many more. That’s just for starters. To be sure, most of them were equally contemptuous of Trump after they had worked for him for a short while.

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So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that Trump has been enlisting legal representation from among America’s most scummy solicitors. It takes an already ethically suspect person to agree to work for Trump in any capacity. So former parking lot lawyer Alina Habba certainly fits the bill.

Habba appears to have been demoted from her position as an attorney for Trump, to his designated MAGA media spokesperson. And in that capacity she appeared on Fox News Sunday morning to offer her views on the trial in Manhattan where Trump is being tried on felony charges of falsifying business records and campaign finance fraud (sometimes known as the “Hush Money” case). She told Fox News she believes that the prosecutors have no case, saying that…

“They have no facts. Let’s be clear. I sat through this trial, and I would tell you if I was concerned on a factual basis. I’m not speaking now to posture for the president, but just generally as an attorney, as an American who understands the law and how to apply laws to facts. There are no facts that support this alleged crime. We’re not even sure what the crime is.”

Let’s unpack that brief but loaded paragraph of poppy-cockiness. To begin with, prosecutors entered into evidence an abundance of both documentary and testimonial facts. They included signed checks, invoices, memos, emails, articles, and witness accounts that tied Trump to the crimes that are alleged. Ever cowardly, Trump never bothered to testify himself to refute any of it. Habba may have been too busy doing quick hits on Fox News and Newsmax to have seen much of the trial.

Furthermore, Habba’s assertion that she was making these comments “as an American,” rather than as Trump’s designated spokesperson is simply preposterous. However, her subsequent claim that she is “not even sure what the crime is,” is entirely believable given her ineptitude as a lawyer. She might want to take a look at the prosecutor’s filing to see the specific state and federal violations that are plainly cited.

It is pathetic that a legal spokesperson would admit on national television that she has no idea what the case she is discussing is about. And how that admission would benefit her client is mystery. But what isn’t mysterious is Habba’s regurgitation of the rhetoric that Trump disgorges nearly every day. She maligns Judge Juan Merchan as “severely conflicted,” although she declines to say why citing the gag order on Trump (not her).

Then, in a preemptive attack on the eventual verdict, she says that she has “zero confidence” that the judge will draft appropriate jury instructions. That’s her way of laying the groundwork to later claim that the jury was biased and the trial was rigged. She appears to be expecting a guilty verdict.

Habba is, however, serving her client’s purpose. While she is on Fox News, he is free to make personal appearances, such as the one Saturday night at the Libertarian Party Convention, where he was brutally booed from the moment he hit the stage. He also had time to post comments on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, about the speech.

Trump usually posts videos of such appearances on his website but, for some reason, this time he only posted still images with bits of rancid written commentary. Clearly he could not post the videos because of all the booing. Heaven forbid that any of his glassy-eyed disciples find out how truly despised he is outside of his cult bubble.


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