Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Exposes GOP Camapign Ad Lie

A new campaign ad for Rhode Island congressional hopeful Barry Hinckley employs Hinckley’s adorable five year old son, Hudson, delivering a lecture on America’s debt crisis.

As it turns out, Hudson is just another GOP hack fronting for the ultra-wealthy power brokers of the right. There is obviously something unsavory in Hudson’s past because his Google history prior to 2006 has been completely scrubbed from the Internet.

Thank goodness for Fox News and Neil Cavuto. In a contentious interview, Cavuto got the devious toddler to admit that the positions he took in the ad were nothing but political hokum designed expressly for the purpose of advancing the electoral prospects of a member of his family (his father).

It remains to be seen what the impact will be to Hinckley’s campaign now that his primary spokesman has confessed publicly that he does not believe the debt crisis assertions in his fathers ad. Equally damaging to the campaign may be Hinckley’s answer to Cavuto asking whether or not Hudson knew what he was doing. Hinckley responded that “He sure did. We talked about it for a long time.” This suggests that Hinckley’s budget policy is so simplistic that a five year old can understand it. No one wonder Hinckley is running as a Republican.

Further evidence of Hinkley’s strong GOP credentials is that, when asked what he wants to do when he grows up, Hudson said that he “wants to be in a war and save the country.” What better answer for a future representative of the hawkish GOP that is presently trying to make little Hudson’s dream come true by inciting a new with Iran? Here’s hoping, for Hudson’s sake, that they fail.


9 thoughts on “Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Exposes GOP Camapign Ad Lie

  1. Come on now, really? Insulting a five year old? Grow up.

    • Come on, yourself. The only insult here is to Fox News and Hudson’s dad. Don’t be so obtuse (and humorless).

      • I did read. You specifically called a five year old a “hack” and “devious”. I am just as liberal as the next person (which is why I read this site), but I think stooping to this level just hurts us. We need to be above such pettiness.

        • Really? You took seriously a paragraph that alleged scrubbing of the Internet prior to 2006 for a five year old (i.e. before he was born)? Did you really think I considered him a GOP front?

          I’m glad you are a liberal, and I’m glad you read this site. But be forewarned that I have always framed part of my mission as approaching serious issues with a sense of humor. Sometimes that will rub people the wrong way. That’s just the way it is. I hope you can deal with that.

    • I see the concern trolls are out in force again. Is Liberty University offering credit to attack “liberal” website?

  2. Hinckley, like Palin, loves using his children for political purposes but then conservatives, like Palin, get all upset if somebody then criticizes them for it. I’m sorry, I could not watch the video, I’m afraid it will make me feel not well. Maybe I’ll watch it later.

    • oh, please watch it. The kid is REALLY cute. You can stop it before the interview with Cavuto if you want.

      • I did watch it, even most of the Cavuto part. It is typical Republican schlock. The chart he was referring to showed unemployment at 4.9% and at over 10% now. Do the Republicans ever tell the truth? The horrendous economic debacle given to us by the previous administration is a burden to us now and for the forseeable future. I fail to see the value in teaching your children how to lie and spread false information to help you in a political campaign. The kid was cute, the ad was in poor taste and Neil Cavuto is still serving up the koolaid.

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