Fox Nation Scum Call Obama A Nazi

Despite its long history of juvenile insults and rabid hyperbole, the level of pitiful ignorance and seething hatred at Fox Nation still never fails to astonish.

This morning the Fox Nationalists featured a story with the fanatical and false headline “ Scum Call Ryan a Nazi.” The accompanying video was an interview of a few Romney/Ryan protesters, none of whom called anyone a Nazi. Perhaps Fox Nation posted the wrong video, but the video they posted did not show anyone calling Paul Ryan a Nazi. Nor was there any evidence that the protest was organized by MoveOn. Although there were MoveOn members present, none of them said anything remotely derogatory or controversial. Nevertheless, the Fox Nationalists attributed a Nazi reference that does not exist to a MoveOn member who never said it.

Fox Nation

The video on Fox Nation was titled “’s uninformed supporters.” It was a new episode in a continuing series by an ultra-right-wing Florida web site called the Shark Tank. Their M.O. is to ambush citizens engaging in their Constitutionally protected right to free speech and attempting to make them look foolish. Granted, that is something that both sides of the political spectrum can do with selective editing, making sure to leave the better informed protesters on the cutting room floor. But in this case it’s Shark Tank’s “correspondent” that looks foolish as he criticizes the protester’s sign that says that “Bain pays Romney millions while workers make the minimum wage.” He then tells the protester that the sign is wrong and that she must have meant “paid” not “pays” because Romney hasn’t hasn’t worked for Bain for a decade.

First of all, the Shark Tanker doesn’t seem to have any problem with the content of the sign except for its present tense description of Romney’s compensation. So apparently he thinks that it was OK for Romney to exploit low-income workers in order to enrich himself so long as it was done in the past. But more importantly, the sign is actually correct because, even after all these years, Romney is still collecting millions from Bain Capital.

“In the final deal of his private equity career, Romney negotiated an agreement with his former partners that has paid him a share of Bain’s profits ever since, bringing his family millions in income each year…”

So the Shark Tanker is wrong on the facts. And the Fox Nationalists regurgitate his mistakes without bothering to verify any of it – you know, the way an actual journalist would. What’s more, they cap the phony article with a false charge of Nazi-baiting that inevitably results in a flurry of Fox community members calling Obama a Nazi. So while the article’s headline was meant to denigrate liberals for descending into vitriolic name-calling, it was only the Fox audience that actually engaged in that repulsive behavior. I wish I could say I was surprised.