Tucker Carlson’s New Election Analyst: Roger C.U.N.T. Stone

Tucker Carlson RatingsIt is well known that Tucker Carlson’s program resides in the lowest lying, scum-ridden depths of TV punditry. He consistently loses to his competition and he is the lowest rated program on his own network (see Tucker Carlson: A Ratings Black Hole).

That may explain the trouble he is having booking guests who are not idiots or purveyors of profane filth, lies, and slander. Yesterday Tucker may have outdone himself by interviewing “Republican Strategist” Roger Stone.

C.U.N.T.Stone is the founder of Citizens United Not Timid, or C.U.N.T. Their stated mission is to “Educate the American public about what Hillary Clinton really is.” Tucker didn’t bother to disclose this affiliation. Apparently he doesn’t think it’s relevant to his viewers that the guests he presents as experts are actually political pornographers.

What’s more, Tucker is providing more evidence for those who already believe that MSNBC is brazenly anti-Clinton. It is mind-boggling that after both Chris Matthews and David Shuster have had to issue public apologies for derogatory remarks directed at Clinton, Tucker would invite this smear-meister to discuss election issues as if he weren’t a repulsive sack of vomit. Ironically, it was Shuster who, alone amongst the punditry, called out Stone for not revealing his part in C.U.N.T. Shuster, who fills in for Tucker on occasion, was unavailable to question Stone because he’s still on suspension for his “pimped-out” gaffe.

I thought Clinton’s reaction to the Shuster affair was overblown and calculated for political effect. But I wouldn’t fault her, or her campaign, for blasting Tucker for granting air time to Stone and the slime and maggots that come out when you turn him over.


6 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson’s New Election Analyst: Roger C.U.N.T. Stone

  1. Ever hear of the First Amendment, Asshole?
    The best thing- aint nobody who matters reading your shitty, hackneyed, poorly written Blog- but over 2 million folks have visited the Citizens United Website.

    Wanna see some scum- look in the mirror, you pasty faced, nearly illiterate jerk.

    We will beat your man OBAMA AND HIS ARROGANT PUSHY SMART-ASS WIFE TOO- you might tell her her shit does stink cause she doesnt think so.

    I know statists like you hate free speech unless it’s your own.

    Fuck Off

    • I would really like to believe that you are in fact the wretched Roger Stone. It would validate my already exceedingly low opinion of him.

      But at the very least you are the perfect representative of his brand of infantile incivility. Your impotent and irrelevant tantrum is a hilarious example of the desperation of right-wingers lashing out blindly because they know their day is done.

      I will, however, agree with you on this: “…aint nobody who matters reading your…Blog.” How true … YOU are reading it. And I can’t think of anyone who matters less than you, whoever you are.

    • I would have read it, but I’m a nearly illiterate jerk. Kinda makes you wonder how I wrote it. 🙂

    • …and intensive therapy for ten or twelve years.

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