Obama’s Lead Is Driving The Right (Even More) Crazy

When you start out with delusional notions that President Barack Obama is a socialist Muslim from Kenya who hates America, it doesn’t leave very much of a preserve of sanity to fall back on.

However, the recent crop of polls showing that Obama is ahead, and widening his lead, is testing the limits of the Batshit Crazy faction of the GOP, which these days seems to be most of it. With the help of Fox News, the right is feverishly scrubbing from their consciousness any polls delivering what they regard as bad news. Most recently, the GOP polling firm Rasmussen Reports published their latest daily tracking poll showing Obama ahead by three points. For some reason, that poll was not reported by Fox News who regularly post Rasmussen’s results when Romney is in the lead.

RealClearPolitics Polls

In addition to exhibiting acute denial when it comes to polling, the right’s patron paranoid schizophrenic, Glenn Beck, has come up with a unique explanation for why Romney is running behind:

Beck: I am to the point to where I think that God is trying to make this so clear to us that if it happens, it’s his finger. Because, boy, nothing looks good. And yet, everybody I know who I consider a spiritual giant feels good. And it bothers me that I feel good because, I’m like, there’s no reason that I should feel good on this.

See? God is responsible for Romney’s dismal polling. But He’s doing it so that his eventual victory will be an unmistakable miracle. And Beck is backed up by all the “spiritual giants” he knows. It sort of makes you wonder what it will mean if Romney ends up losing.

As for Beck’s reference to God’s finger, that is something he has discussed before. Last year he told his disciples that “I believe I have seen the finger of God. I believe that in the coming days you will see the entire of arm of God.”

Glenn Beck and the Finger of God

As I said last year, “Somehow I think it’s more likely that God is going to reveal his foot to Beck’s ass. However, I do believe that God has given Beck the finger.” And the preponderance of the evidence is that God is mightily pissed at Beck as revealed in Scripture.


5 thoughts on “Obama’s Lead Is Driving The Right (Even More) Crazy

  1. If I recall correctly, when John McCain was running,the Republicans and their supporters were gathered to watch the results and his success. The polling board inside the venue showed McCain ahead. Meanwhile out in the real world, Barack Obama had won The Republicans in that venue were very surprised

  2. Fox don’t report their own poll.Instead they accuse the main stream media of being biased against Romney. While neglecting the obvious.Anti- Obama 24/7. They should just change their name FOX\GOP network. GOP election HQ Everyone knows who they are now at this point.

    • Barack is not ahead in the polls .. Obama will not win.. Most voters have opened their eyes,anyone using common sense and intelligent thinking know that Obama is a failure…There will still be the few blacks that vote for his skin color but those idiots wont matter ,really they already dont because they are few..and obviously stupis..Obama continually says its math and arithmatic but these voters cant do math nor can they spell,read,or speak properly!

      • Thank you for demonstrating the idiocy and racism of the right.

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