Glenn Beck Revokes His Own Honor Badge

In the past week Glenn Beck has made news of sorts by declaring his conviction that America is such an affront to God that He must destroy it, by presenting an image of the Jewish mayor of New York in a Nazi salute, and by portraying Jesus as a pistol-packin’ Messiah. But these are just common examples of the dementia that Beck endures on a daily basis.

Right Wing Watch has captured another example of Beck’s deranged incoherence that was revealed this week (video below). On May 3, 2013, Beck proudly discussed his role as a journalist while speculating wildly about the man who committed suicide in the Houston airport.

“As a journalist and somebody who runs a journalistic organization, here’s what I want you to look for.”

A mere three days later Beck was spinning yarns about Benghazi when he said this:

“I have always said that I am not a journalist. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a thinker. But I wear it as a badge of honor that I am not a journalist.”

Let’s not even venture into the lunacy that Beck thinks he is a thinker, except to say that Jim Jones also had “thoughts.” However, Beck has obviously not always said that he isn’t a journalist, because he said he was one a few days earlier. And if not being a journalist earned him a “badge of honor,” then I suppose he will be returning that badge to whatever imaginary institution issued it.

Glenn Beck


3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Revokes His Own Honor Badge

  1. Beck says whatever suits his purpose at the time. Since he spent 2 weeks after the Boston Marathon bombing accusing an innocent Saudi student of first being the perpetrator and then the recruiter of the real perpetrators, he’s now worried about having his fat hemorrhoidectomied ass sued for slander, so he’s trying to establish that he’s not a journalist anymore, just a “thinker.”

  2. The only thing Beck ‘thinks’ about is how to pull off his next con. Wasn’t he going blind several years ago? Wasn’t he dying of some rare illness the next year? I suppose God saved him because he is such a great addition to this nation with his constant conspiracies. Or maybe God wants us all to ‘buy gold” and live in fear of the government?

  3. “I have no honor.” Want proof of that?

    During his Restoring “Honor” rally on the Wash. Mall in 2010, Beck stated, “Our sacred honor. It means that you tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

    He then went on to claim that he held an address by G. Washington in his hands. Mother Jones did some investigating to find out that “Those kinds of treasures are only handled by specially trained archival staff.”

    Sacred honor? Not so much.

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