HUH? Trump Backers Oppose Impeachment Because It Would Upset Trump Backers

The calls for Donald Trump to be removed from office are coming faster and more furiously with each passing hour. A solid majority (57%) of the American people want Trump booted out of office immediately. There are even Republicans who have stated publicly that they support Trump’s impeachment or removal by the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. Clearly the nation has had enough. They don’t believe he is mentally fit to captain the ship of state, and they want him thrown overboard.

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Donald Trump Walking the Plank

Trump, meanwhile, has bunkered in the White House watching Fox News and tweeting incoherently. He is likely seeking out support from any quarter that can still stomach his madness and destructive behavior.

Sadly, there are some factions of anti-democratic cult disciples who continue to worship Dear Leader no matter how heinous his betrayal of America. Some of them are member of Congress who haven’t the courage to defy him. Take House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, who told reporters that “Impeaching the President with just 12 days left in his term will only divide our country more.”

That is typical of the arguments being made now on Trump’s behalf. It is hardly logical, but it’s all they have left. They are saying that pursuing impeachment or the 25th Amendment would only create more division and inflame Trump and his cult. They say that Trump should get a free pass in order to facilitate healing and unity. The problem is that that suggests that unity is only possible by giving in to Trump in order to appease his supporters who are a distinct minority.

Why can’t we achieve unity instead by prosecuting Trump in order to appease the majority of the American people? It makes no sense whatsoever to accept the argument that the Trump side must be pacified or their feelings will be hurt and they’ll become even more violent. Succumbing to that bullstuff is, in effect, succumbing to the threat of violence. It would be like declining to prosecute Charles Manson because it would have upset Manson’s family. And after all, don’t we all want unity?

There is really only one path to heal the nation in the post-Trump era. We must hold the wrongdoers – especially Trump – accountable. There must be consequences for unlawful acts and deliberately seditious incitements to violence. That’s the only way the perpetrators can be constrained. And it’s the only way to deter future criminal demagogues and aspiring tyrants. It is, in fact, the best course for healing and unity because it brings everyone together in support if the democratic principles that America is supposed to stand for. Hopefully President-Elect Joe Biden will see it this way. There is some indication that he does. In a press briefing on Friday he said that…

“I was told on the way up here that [Trump] indicated that he is not going to show up at the inauguration. One of the few things he and I have ever agreed on. It’s a good thing him not showing up. […] Because he exceeded even my worst notions about him. He’s been an embarrassment to the country, embarrassed us around the world. He’s not worthy, not worthy to hold that office.”

Biden added that removing Trump from office is not his role. It is the business of Congress. So Congress, bring on the impeachment of Trump. And bring on the invocation of the 25th Amendment. Make Trump pay a price for his crimes. And make his accomplices regret having been so cowardly and servile and/or self-serving. Once Trump has been indicted, tried, and convicted, the nation can be proud of having lived up to its promise of justice for all, and the creed that no one is above the law.

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Trump is Hiding in His Bunker Watching Fox News Whine About His ‘Confused’ Voters

On Thursday morning Donald Trump was released from Twitter prison [although News Corpse still has not been – see note below] so he posted a video that was his weak-kneed version of a concession speech. He led off by criticizing the Capitol terrorists that he incited and professed to “loving” the day before. He defended his treasonous crusade to overturn the election and the will of the American people. And he pretended to support a “smooth, orderly, and seamless transfer of power.”

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Trump in Bed, Eating, Sad

Notice that Trump never used the words “peaceful” or “concede.” Nor did he acknowledge Joe Biden as President-Elect. But he did restate his delusional conspiracy theory that the election was fraudulent and his pitiful and failed pursuit of imaginary evidence was in the interest of democracy.

On Friday morning Trump took to his Twitter machine again to pay tribute to himself and his legions of dimwitted cult followers. He tweeted that…

Once again, Trump is focused on his warped rendering of reality by recognizing only the losers that voted for him, while ignoring the fact that 81 million people voted for Biden. He apparently doesn’t regard them as “great American Patriots.” But he is concerned that his sheep will be herded off into well-deserved historical obscurity.

However, this wasn’t some spontaneous burst of consolation for these lost souls. Shortly before Trump’s tweet, Fox News was discussing his defeat and the fate of his despondent voters. Fox and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt was awash in empathy, and Trump’s tweet appears to be a direct response to that:

That’s funny, because neither Earhardt, nor Trump, nor Fox News, ever expressed such concerns for the majority of people who voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016. They never acknowledged the far more credible fears of those voters for “the future of this country” that turned out to be prescient in a tragic way. And that applies not only to the assault on democracy orchestrated and incited by Trump and his Fox News Ministry of Propaganda (which is still disseminating dangerous lies). It also applies to the catastrophic and deadly neglect and incompetence of Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earhardt did get one thing right, though. Her characterization of Trump’s cult as “confused” is a fitting description of his glassy-eyed hordes, albeit somewhat understated. It would be more accurate to describe them as deranged due having been fed a diet of flagrant lies and blatant bullpucky for the past four years. She should have pointed out that their so-called confusion was entirely due to Trump’s dishonesty and egomaniacal aspirations for unchallenged, authoritarian power. As well as the disinformation produced by Fox News on Trump’s behalf.

Finally, Trump’s assertion that he supports a smooth transfer of power is contradicted by another tweet on Friday morning:

Clearly Trump’s ego won’t permit him to stand behind the new president, like every other retiring president has done. He simply cannot tolerate not being the sole center of attention. He’s afraid of being revealed for – and remembered as – the loser that he is and always has been. And he refuses to grant recognition to anyone other than himself.

Trump doesn’t say where he will be on Biden’s inauguration day. Golfing? Conferring with his attorneys to avoid prison? Fleeing the U.S. to a country without an extradition treaty? Or just swaddled under the covers in his Mar-a-Lago bedroom watching Fox News, or Newsmax, or OANN, or listening to Rush Limbaugh, and fantasizing that he really did win reelection as he chows down some KFC, diet cokes, and Adderall?

NOTE: Twitter recently suspended the News Corpse account after 11 years without giving a reason. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from my website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Thanks for your support.

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