Fox News Skips First Press Briefing By Biden’s COVID-19 Response Team For…

One of the most prominent narratives in right-wing media today is a contrivance that they call “cancel culture.” It’s a thoroughly phony gimmick that they exploit to claim victimhood by a nefarious and shadowy cabal of techie leftists who are out to get them. Poor things!

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Fox NOT News

Amidst this pure and puerile propaganda, it’s the right that is actually engaging in the cancel culture that they pretend to abhor. They have a knee-jerk reaction to any person or entity that is mildly objectionable to them. They demand expulsions and boycotts and the harshest forms of ostracism possible for the offenders. Former conservative heroes like Bill Barr and John Bolton and even Mike Pence are now scorned as “RINOS.” And just look at what they’re doing to Donald Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News), led by Trump himself.

The latest example of craven cancelation was committed by Fox News on Wednesday morning. Pres. Joe Biden assembled his COVID-19 Response Team for its first public press briefing. CNN and MSNBC aired it live. However, Fox News ignored the whole thing, despite (or due to) its focus on science and the expertise of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci. In its place Fox news aired their regular Democratic-bashing programming with segments about alleged “Big Tech” censorship (which isn’t happening), Antifa (which doesn’t exist), and criticisms of Biden’s executive orders (which have overwhelming public approval).

This is the same Fox News that aired almost every public address by Trump, live and uninterrupted, for four years. That included his self-serving Coronavirus Task Force briefings that were nothing more than thinly veiled 2020 reelection campaign events and were riddled with lies and hostility toward his critics and the media.

Among the programs that Fox, in its considered judgment, deemed more important than the COVID team’s briefing was “Outnumbered,” a show whose title was intended as a reference to the fact that it had four female co-hosts and one male guest. In fact, it also had four rightist hacks and one liberal patsy. But on this episode they didn’t even bother to seat an alleged liberal. This is further evidence that Fox News is venturing ever deeper into the wasteland of wingnuttery since Trump’s humiliating defeat, and his treasonous orchestration and support for of an assault on Congress.

We can expect this sort of “news” “judgment” by Fox for the foreseeable future. They have never been concerned with facts or journalistic integrity. Which is surely why they would fail to meet the criteria for being granted press credentials in the Biden White House. For Fox News everything is about advancing the conservative agenda. And if that means pretending that a newsmaking conference about a national health crisis is ignored in favor of more asinine blather by right-wing imbeciles, then so be it. Fox will be Fox.

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