Fox News Clings to Trump’s Big Lie of Election Fraud that Fueled the Capitol Riots

A week ago several thousand Donald Trump cult disciples stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the constitutional duty of Congress to certify the results of the presidential election. These traitors terrorized members of Congress, their staff, and Capitol security. Five people died during the insurrection, and many more were seriously injured.

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Fox News, Terrorism

The impetus for this assault on democracy was Trump’s “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from him by some nefarious and massive Deep State cabal. Never mind that there is no evidence whatsoever of this alleged conspiracy. Just the allegation was sufficient to inflame Trump’s followers and produce a historic and tragic atrocity carried out by fatuous fools under the influence of flagrant falsehoods.

Within a week Trump was impeached for his role in inciting the riots, which he threatened would result in even more violence. He may be right. His cult is notoriously hostile and not known for their adherence to reason or facts. And it makes little difference that he posted a video asking to find common ground. With racist conspiracy crackpots? Not likely.

All of which makes what aired on Fox News Thursday morning more heinous and dangerous. Trump’s trade advisor, Peter Navarro, who has zero credentials to address these matters, appeared on Fox News for an interview with their Senior Trump-fluffer, Maria Bartiromo. The segment could only be described as a further incitement to violence (video below):

Navarro: What happened yesterday [the impeachment vote] was a travesty. The Democratic Party did violence to this country by attacking a president who I believe was legally elected on November 3. If the election were held today he’d be elected again. And if he runs in 2024 he will be elected then. And I think that’s what the Democrats fear. I’ve never been more pissed off in this place, and I think there’s 74 million Americans out there who voted for President Trump who feel exactly the same way.”

Notice that Navarro tries to linguistically associate Democrats with violence when all of the violence was caused by Republicans and Trump supporters. More ominously, he is regurgitating the very same “Big Lie” that Trump has been pushing about a “rigged” election, which is what triggered his supporters to commit terrorist crimes in the Capitol. This is a brazen attempt to incite more violence, just as Trump warned. Navarro then engaged in this exchange with Bartiromo:

Navarro: So I would say to these people on Capitol Hill, “Knock it off. Stop this.” Let the man leave peacefully with his dignity. He was the greatest jobs president, the greatest trade negotiator we’ve ever had in history. And this is just wrong what they’re doing.
Bartiromo: We know that there were irregularities in this election. We know that 70% of Trump voters have said we’re not buying this election. We think it was rigged. But get this, you cannot say that on social media. You will get banned.
Navarro: You can’t say it anywhere.
Bartiromo: You can’t use the word “irregularities.” And if you say there was fraud it’s absolutely outrageous. This feels more like communist China than it does America, that they have the ability to stomp out free speech.

First of all, suggesting that Trump has any dignity is just another big lie. What’s more, he is literally the worst jobs president ever. As for trade, he has only succeeded in imposing tariffs that have crippled American businesses.

Then Bartiromo returns to the election fraud lie, saying that “70% of Trump voters have said we’re not buying this election.” So what? Those are Trump’s dimwitted zealots whose opinions were formed by his hammering falsehoods into them. Of course they feel that way. That is not, however, the way the majority of Americans feel. They support his impeachment and removal from office.

Both Bartiromo and Navarro then make the absurd observation that you can’t say the election was rigged. Notice that they are both saying it on a national television network. Bartiromo goes further to compare her false allegations to the media in communist China. Once again, she’s making that charge on her own nationally broadcast TV show. The only plausible comparison that can be made in that regard is the comparison to how devotional and sycophantic she and her Fox News confederates are toward Dear Leader Trump.

Fox News seems to be doing everything in its power to exacerbate an already volatile situation. An analysis by Media Matters shows that Fox News has cast doubt on the results of the election nearly 800 times in the two weeks since Fox itself called the election for Joe Biden. They seem to be purposefully antagonizing Trump’s terrorist brigades. There just isn’t any other plausible explanation for their persistent dissemination of Trump’s lies. And if they keep it up, they will make sure that Trump’s prediction of more violence comes true.

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Trump Seeks ‘Common Ground’ With Racist, Seditionist, Violent, Conspiracy Crackpots

Donald Trump is fond of bragging about being the bestest “whatever” he happens to be ranting about at any particular moment in time. Well now he can honestly say that he is the most impeached president ever – by far! I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. He has twice the impeachments of any other president. He has impeachments like no one has ever seen before. So much impeachment that you’ll get tired of him getting impeached (doubtful).

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Donald Trump, MAGA

There should be automatic deportation, or at least incarceration, for anyone impeached more than once. How many assaults on the country should be tolerated before there are tangible consequences? So far, Trump is getting a pass for his treason and is attempting to whitewash his crimes.

In response to his record setting impeachedness, Trump released a video in which he claimed to be shocked by the violence that he purposefully incited (and continues doing so). He is now calling for the tensions he recklessly inflamed to be calmed. It will be interesting to see if his glassy-eyed cult disciples comply with this request, or if they are now an autonomous mob of anti-American Trumpian insurrectionists who defy even their Dear Leader’s pathetic and disingenuous appeals.

In addition to Trump’s desperate grasping at legal absolution in his video, he couldn’t resist lashing out (again) at social media for finally taking action against him and his supporters who have been advocating and orchestrating violence. It’s telling that Trump couldn’t just admonish those committing violence in his name and leave it at that. Nope. His ego raised up to interrupt this message and whine about being deservedly banned by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, et al. However, his crybaby tirade only made things worse. He asserted that he was “calling on all Americans to overcome the passions of the moment, and join together as one American people.” Elaborating, he said that…

“I also want to say a few words about the unprecedented assault on free speech, we have seen in recent days. These are tense and difficult times. The efforts to censor, cancel, and blacklist our fellow citizens are wrong and they are dangerous. What is needed now is for us to listen to one another, not to silence one another. All of us can choose by our actions to rise above the rancor and find common ground and shared purpose. We must focus on advancing the interests of the whole nation.”

Don’t be fooled. Trump, who has repeatedly maligned the free press as “the enemy of the people,” is not suddenly concerned about some generalized “assault on free speech.” He is only concerned about himself and is upset that he can’t tweet anymore. However, his self-serving invective is revealing when you know who he is so anxious to find “common ground and shared purpose” with.

The parties Trump is coming to the defense of are predominantly the perpetrators of violence and disseminators of dangerously dishonest conspiracy theories. They are QAnon, Stop the Steal, and other deviant purveyors of lies, and agitators like Alex Jones. You cannot “rise above the rancor” if those for whom you are advocating are the most vile and rancorous instigators.

What’s more, Trump’s criticism of “efforts to censor, cancel, and blacklist,” can’t be taken seriously. He is the King of Cancel Culture. He will demand that any person or company or organization that doesn’t unreservedly worship him be banished from society. He has explicitly called for boycotts of “offenders” at least ten times, mostly against American businesses such as Harley-Davidson, CNN, Apple, Macy’s, Univision, Mexico, HBO, Rolling Stone, AT&T, and even Fox News.

It is most definitely not the time to listen to the racists, seditionists, and conspiracy crackpots with whom Trump is so closely aligned. To the contrary, they must be driven out of the public discourse. Trump’s efforts to prop them up in the midst of a speech that is allegedly calling for peace is further proof of his unapologetic hypocrisy and/or severe dementia.

NOTE: Twitter recently suspended the News Corpse account after 11 years without giving a reason. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from my website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. And you can follow this surrogate Twitter account here. Thanks for your support.

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