Disgusting Fox News Hacks Compare Waiting in Line for Hours to Vote to … What?

Desperate Republicans in Georgia, having recently lost two Senate seats and the presidency to Democrats, just passed a blatantly discriminatory law whose unambiguous purpose is to suppress votes. The law will impact predominantly people of color, the poor, workers, and students.

Fox News Friends

This is a backdoor admission that the GOP can’t appeal to the concerns of voters with their policies, so they resort to obstructing citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to vote. And naturally, Fox News is supporting this abhorrent electoral tactic. On Thursday morning the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends addressed the subject, focusing on a bizarre provision in the law that prohibits anyone from offering food or water to voters waiting in line to cast their ballots.

For the record, it is Republicans who created the mess that has resulted in voters having wait for many hours to vote. The GOP made it more difficult to vote by mail. They closed precincts, but only in districts that tended to vote Democratic. The precincts that remained open were provided fewer staffers and voting machines. The results were predictable delays intended to discourage people from voting at all. This new legislation is intended to make matters even worse.

In light of that, Fox News saw fit to mock the problem that obviously isn’t affecting any of them or their privileged class. It’s an exercise in brazen callousness and elitism:

Ainsley Earhardt: The water argument is what cracks me up. Because what line have you stood in – If you go to Yankee Stadium and stand in line to get a ticket, do they serve you water? Do you care?
Brian Kilmeade: Just hot towels. That all you get.
Steve Doocy: I have been voting for over forty years and I have never thought to myself, “Okay, I have to go vote today. Will they have snacks?”

Whereupon everybody shares a hearty laugh at the hardships of people that they can’t possibly relate to. The comparison to waiting in line for Yankees tickets is painfully ludicrous. Let’s set aside the fact that you buy those tickets on line. More to the point, attending a baseball game isn’t a constitutionally protected activity, the results of which will impact the lives of you, your family and your community for decades.

Doocy’s observation that he has never had to think about “snacks” when going to vote only reinforces how out of touch he is with the problems of people not in his upper crust socioeconomic class. Obviously he hasn’t had to worry about that. In his neighborhood they have plenty of polling places, and he can take whatever time he needs to go cast his vote.

The fact that these three hacks find this dilemma so hysterical is downright nauseating. They should be forced to vote in precincts that have the disadvantages that low income citizens have to deal with. They aren’t pampered TV personalities complaining about not having snacks for an hour or two. They are often elderly voters stuck in an outdoor line in November for six, eight, ten hours, or more.

Finally, returning to the comparison to getting Yankees tickets, these cretins forget that waiting for sporting events is actually a cultural activity that famously includes elaborate snacks and refreshments provided in tailgate parties. That’s still legal. But giving food or water to oppressed citizens who only want to participate in their democracy is now against the law in Georgia.

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Fox News Spreads COVID Variant Disinformation, Downplays Risks, and Imperils Lives

Fox News is apparently not satisfied with a mere 550,000 American deaths due to the coronavirus. They are making it their mission to maximize the suffering and loss, even as hope for a return to normalcy arises with the efficient administration of vaccines by Joe Biden’s COVID Response Team. There’s a reason why studies show that watching Fox News increases coronavirus fatalities.

Fox News, Covid

Fox News, however, is obsessed with petty, egocentric matters of blame and/or credit. And naturally all of the blame is heaped on President Biden, while all of the credit goes to the former guy (Donald Trump). If Trump wants the credit for this horror, he can have it. In fact, he just inadvertently admitted that he’s guilty of hundreds of thousands of cases of negligent homicide. And he continues to foster policies and behavior that exacerbate the crisis.

Meanwhile, Trump’s PR Division and Family Jobs Program (aka Fox News) is similarly putting the lives of Americans at risk. The latest example of this aired Wednesday evening when Laura Ingraham anchored a segment devoted to disinformation about vaccines and new COVID variants (video below).

She began by making the preposterous assertion that Trump “burnished” the reputation of already respected medical experts like Dr., Fauci by putting them on his phony Coronavirus Task Force. She then accuses them of stabbing him in the back. So once again, Trump is the victim, poor baby.

Ingraham then says that the experts are now “blaming Trump for their own failures,” despite the fact that Trump himself said that he “almost always overturned” their “faulty recommendations.” Therefore, Trump is conceding that the tragic results that took the lives of more half a million Americans are wholly his responsibility.

So Ingraham turns to the thoroughly discredited “doctor” Scott Atlas, who almost all legitimate experts in infectious diseases repudiate as a kook. Atlas whines incoherently that “the people who criticize the policies that were implemented are responsible for the failures of the policies that were implemented.” Who the heck is he talking about? If Trump is the critic in that blather, then Atlas is claiming that Trump is criticizing his own policies and is blaming himself for their failure. That, of course, is nonsense. But if Fauci et al are the critics, then Atlas is claiming that they are blaming themselves for the failures of Trump’s policies.

Don’t hurt yourself trying to make sense of any of that unintelligible bullpucky. Ingraham goes on to malign the experts for being justifiably concerned about the emergence of more transmissible and deadlier variants. She mockingly rants that…

“The experts’ disinformation campaign is ongoing about COVID, even after vaccines. The variants! The variants are coming! The mutations! Gloom and doom!”

Ingraham (and Fox News and Trump and the right-wing GOP, QAnon, head-in-the-sand crowd) did last year when COVID was spreading uncontrollably, is again downplaying the fatal perils that this virus still poses. She sought to make her point by playing a video of the Director of the National Institutes of Health warning of variants more dangerous than the those already circulating, like the one from South Africa. Her on-screen graphics called his remarks “fearmongering.” But then she backed up her argument with a report about the vaccine’s efficacy with variants that only addressed those currently known. Which ignores entirely what the NIH Director had just said about new, unknown variants.

Ingraham closed by saying that her reason for doing this report was “to insure that this crowd is never taken seriously again.” In other words, ignore the people who know the most and have your best interests at heart. And once again her on-screen graphics told the story making the ludicrous claim that she was exposing the lies of the Media-Medical Cartel,” whatever the heck that is.

The entire segment featured a logo graphic that blared her campaign theme of “Shutting Down the COVID Crazies,” meaning Fauci, Biden et al. But what she – and Fox News – are shutting down are the lives of the people foolish enough to give credence to her dishonest and dangerous disinformation, along with all those unfortunate enough to encounter them.

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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