Twitter Must Stop Letting Trump Flout Ban By Allowing His Flunkies to Tweet for Him

It has been six months since Donald Trump was banished from Twitter due to his reckless and relentless lies about election fraud. Twitter imposed the ban on January 8th, two days after Trump’s deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill, saying that “we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

Donald Trump, Twitter

In the six months since his suspension Trump has actually escalated his reckless rhetoric. He continues to make purposefully inflammatory comments online and at his cult rallies (where he sometimes does himself more harm than good). These remarks serve to encourage his glassy-eyed disciples to “stand by” for his prophesized political resurrection.

Trump has managed to maintain an online presence despite his exile from social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Although much of it has demonstrated his infamous capacity for failure. For instance, his attempt to launch an online blog was shut down in less than a month. And GETTR, the new alt-Twitter by his former aide, Jason Miller, is off to a less than impressive start.

However, none of that has deterred the Trump camp from pursuing his aspirations of messianic tyranny. And Twitter is helping them to advance that nightmarish goal.

In lieu of tweeting, Trump has been putting out press releases with the same lie-filled histrionics that are identical to what he used to tweet. And those messages are being disseminated to the Twitter-verse by ultra-rightist pseudo media sites like Breitbart and Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN).

More troubling are the posts by Trump’s official spokesperson, Liz Harrington. Her Twitter account is rife with reposts of Trump’s press releases. In two days she tweeted his ravings at least ten times. They included promotional notices for Trump’s cult rallies, along with such dishonest and maniacal missives as…

Harrington is posting these incendiary outbursts despite Twitter’s stated policy of prohibiting anyone from attempting to circumvent a suspension. Harrington, RSBN, and others are in flagrant violation of Twitter policies that call for suspension of the violator. Twitter needs to enforce their rules without prejudice or preference. Otherwise the rules are meaningless. And in Trump’s case, potentially dangerous.

On the plus side, Harrington. like most Trump sycophants, isn’t particularly gifted with respect to smarts. One of her tweets linked to an article that she casually skimmed and reposted because it referenced the attendance at Trump’s Sarasota cult rally. What she apparently didn’t notice was that it’s lede also explicitly refuted Trump’s “Big Lie,” saying that “There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would have affected the outcome of the election.”

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