Trump Confesses to Tax Crimes At His Cult Rally and Blurts Out His Propaganda Tactics

It’s comforting to know that you can always count on Donald Trump to be stupid enough to publicly confess his blatantly criminal activities. For example, he did so prior to his impeachment when he admitted to pressuring the President of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Or when he openly talked about using the military budget to bribe voters. Or when he threatened to withhold federal funds from states that facilitated mail-in voting.

Donald Trump, Prison

Trump is a perpetual confession machine. After all, this is the same guy who publicly stated that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support. Which is really an insult to his own moronic and glassy-eyed followers. But he may have stabbed himself and his family in the heart at his cult rally in Sarasota, Florida on Saturday.

The Trump Organization was just indicted on multiple criminal charges of tax fraud and evasion. Ordinarily an intelligent person – or one with a competent lawyer whose law license hasn’t been suspended – would keep his mouth shut to avoid making matters worse. But “Trump” and “intelligent” are two words that have never gone together. So at his rally Trump exposed himself (no, not that way) to serious legal liability by explicitly admitting that he’s guilty of the charges against him saying that…

“They go after good, hard working people for not paying taxes on a company car. ‘You didn’t pay tax on the car or a company apartment. You used an apartment because you need an apartment because you have to travel too far where your house is. You didn’t pay tax, or education for your grandchildren.’ I don’t even know what do you have to put? Does anybody know the answer to that stuff?”

First of all, the charges have nothing to do with a few bucks for a company car or apartment. They allege millions of dollars of payments for personal cars, apartments, and other expenditures that were deliberately left off the books in order to cheat the IRS. And Trump’s public pronouncement that “I don’t even know what do you have to put,” is both an admission of guilt and a great example of ignorance of the law not being a defense. And yes, many people “know the answer to that stuff.”

However, that wasn’t the only bomb Trump dropped on himself at the rally. He is so confident of his disciples devotion that he described to them the precise methods he uses to deceive them, saying that…

“There’s a word – disinformation. If you say it enough and keep saying it – just keep saying – They’ll start to believe you. We can’t let that happen. […] It is such a disaster what these people do. It’s disinformation. They say it again and again and again. And after months and months of hearing it – and we have no free press anymore. The free press is truly gone. Other than a few sources, it’s gone. So they get away with this stuff. We cannot let it happen.”

This sounds disturbingly like an attempt to hypnotize his audience. He not only explains the propaganda tactics he uses, but he drives it home “again and again and again.” Which he has indeed been doing for months, years actually. And he cements the doctrinal belief system by, once again, maligning the media to make sure that his cult doesn’t believe anyone but him. Which is the prime contributor to why the United States finished dead last in a recent survey of international press freedom.

The current charges against the Trump Organization in New York are likely to be just the opening shot. Plus Trump is being investigated by authorities in Georgia and Washington, D.C. as well. And as long as he continues to open his big mouth about his criminal activities, he’s going to be paddling himself further up the proverbial creek. And that goes for his blabbering son too:

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2 thoughts on “Trump Confesses to Tax Crimes At His Cult Rally and Blurts Out His Propaganda Tactics

  1. I cannot wait to see this overprivileged monster wear an orange jumpsuit, doing a perp walk. His conviction and sentencing are long overdue and richly deserved. Dare one hope that he doesn’t get a get-outta-jail-free card like another monster, Cosby?
    Cosby sexually assaulted and injured at least 60 women, and he oughtta be put in public stocks; but Trump assaulted and injured our democracy. He is so vile, there aren’t enough sentences severe enough. His Republican cohorts are as vile as he. It is a testament to “you can’t fix stupid, ” that Americans ignorant of government, gather @ his rallies and cast their precious ballots for them. McConnell are criminals not yet charged.

    • You’re not alone. Millions of Americans want to see Trump and his criminal mob held accountable.

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