DISGUSTING: Donald Trump Jr Thinks Democrats Getting COVID is God Being Funny

The Trump family has never been particularly respectful of religion or people of faith, other than to exploit them for political support or to enrich themselves. Their likeness to crooked preachers and pseudo-divine swindlers was evident in their transparent insincerity. They only ever brought up religion when they were in pursuit of some personal benefit.

Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump was notorious for his blasphemous comments claiming to be The Chosen One and for his gross ignorance of the faith he pretended to practice. And apparently the rotten apple hasn’t fallen far from the Tree of Anti-Knowledge.

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr sought to politicize and capitalize on the the distressing news that three Democratic representatives from Texas had tested positive for the coronavirus. A moral person would never use the misfortune of others to salve their own inherent inferiority. But the Trump spawn did just that in the most despicable way imaginable. This wasn’t an ordinary political insult. He is using humor to malign people who have been infected with a potentially fatal virus. He tweeted “Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?”

Really? Is there no bottom to this family’s abhorrent conduct? Mini-Trump’s callous tweet linked to an article on Fox News. That’s the same Fox News that his father has been battering for not backing up his dangerous and preposterous lies about the election being “stolen” from him; that has dismissed COVID-19 as hoax; that has attacked people for wearing masks; that has spread fake fear of vaccines; that has peddled conspiracy theories that vaccines don’t work, but “they” aren’t telling you.

The article on Fox News stated that “Three of the 60 Texas House Democrats tested positive for the virus while staying in Washington, D.C.” So while Trump and Fox sought to make the worst of this news, and to imply hypocrisy on the part of the Democrats, the truth is more complex.

All of the Texas Democrats were vaccinated, so traveling together without masks on a private chartered plane was in compliance with CDC guidelines. The three people who tested positive represent just 5% of the 60 who traveled together from Texas. Those numbers are in line with the estimate that the vaccine is about 95% effective in preventing infection. What’s more, those infected are suffering no symptoms, and avoiding severe illness, hospitalization, and death, is also a known benefit of having been vaccinated.

So what is the Trump puppy’s point? Is he just proud to be laughing at the misfortune of others, a common characteristic of compassionless Republicans? Is he endorsing the use of masks, which still provide protection even for those who are vaccinated, particularly during a surge caused by a new variant? Is he finally condemning the reckless behavior of his father who hosted many super-spreader cult rallies at the peak of the pandemic, and made both the White House and Mar-a-Lago coronavirus hot zones?

Additionally, Does Trump know that Texas is currently one of the worst hit states by increased COVID infections and hospitalizations? Does he think that’s funny too? He must think that the 600,000 dead Americans is downright hysterical.

It is unfortunate that a few Democrats have fallen victim to the coronavirus. And while they were complying with the guidance of health experts, it could be argued that they should have been more cautious. But this incident shouldn’t distract anyone from the reason that they are in Washington in the first place. Republicans in Texas are trying to pass a draconian bill that would suppress voting and give broad, totalitarian power to partisan state officials to overturn the will of the people.

These Democrats are heroes for doing what’s necessary, at great personal sacrifice and within the law, to preserve democracy. They deserve America’s thanks, not the grotesquely inappropriate and blasphemous attempt at “humor” by loathsome cretins like Trump.

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