IT’S A DISGRACE! Trump is Terrified that the Jan 6 Insurrection Committee Wants Ivanka to Testify

Last week was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Donald Trump. It began with his favorite propaganda outlet losing it’s biggest distributor. DirecTV announced that they would cease to carry the One America News Network. The Trump-fluffing, conspiracy spewing OAN derived the vast majority of their revenue from DirecTV and this development puts its future in jeopardy.

Donald Trump Sweating

However, Trump’s legal woes were even more catastrophic. The Supreme Court rejected his request to keep his records secret. The New York Attorney General took action to force his testimony in the real estate and tax fraud case. A Georgia district attorney impaneled a special grand jury to probe his efforts to intimidate state officials to overturn their election results. And a bunch of his StormTrumpers (aka Oath Keepers) were indicted for seditious conspiracy for their roles in the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C.

Further unsettling Trump’s already unstable mental state, is that the House Select Committee investigating January 6th made a formal request for Trump’s daughter Ivanka to testify before the panel. According to CNN the request “revealed explosive new details about the former President’s actions in the days leading up to and on January 6.”

So naturally, Trump has lashed out against the Committee, which he has been doing for weeks. This time his wrath came in an interview with the ultra-rightist Washington Examiner, Trump raged that…

“They are using whatever powers they have. They couldn’t care less. They are vicious people. [and that] It’s a disgrace, what’s going on. They’re using these things to try and get people’s minds off how incompetently our country is being run. And they don’t care. They’ll go after children.”

Trump went on to assert that the investigations against him set “a very bad precedent because it can happen the other way also.” That was a thinly veiled threat aimed at Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden.

For the record, Ivanka Trump is hardly a child. She is a 40 year old businesswoman who held the post of White House Counselor to the President (her father) for four years. She was an eyewitness to Trump’s activities before, during, and after the riots at the Capitol. Her testimony is unquestionably relevant, and her evasion creates suspicion. She is only being asked to provide her account of what happened, and she is not being charged with anything (yet). On the other hand, Trump is threatening Hunter Biden (who has has never had a political job) with criminal prosecution for allegations that have already been investigated.

As usual, Trump’s protestations reflect his fears. The guy who used his office to plot an anti-democratic coup is complaining that Democrats “are using whatever powers they have.” And if Democrats were using all of their powers they would already have had their Attorney General indict Trump, or fired him and appointed an acting Attorney General to do it.

Unlike Trump, Democrats are using their powers legally and in full public view. And as for trying to “get people’s minds off” of other matters, that’s precisely what Trump is doing with this outburst. He doesn’t want people to pay any attention to the avalanche of devastating disclosures that are burying him and his crime family. It is a tactic that he resorts to any time he is in trouble and afraid. Which lately, is almost all the time.

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