Poor Baby: Trump Throws Tantrum at Rally Over DirecTV Dropping OAN, His Favorite Propaganda Channel

This week Donald Trump’s ultra-rightist media echo chamber suffered a crushing blow. One America News Network was informed by DirecTV that its contract would not be renewed when it expires in April. That is a devastating development because DirecTV is OAN’s biggest source of both audience and revenue.

Donald Trump, Snowflakes

There is considerable cause to believe that OAN cannot survive without DirecTV’s patronage. The channel would not have even existed but for DirecTV’s former parent corporation AT&T bankrolling the shameless Trump-fluffers at OAN.

However, as time went on, maintaining a relationship with the struggling network has become more of a financial risk than benefit. OAN is currently being sued by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic software for propagating Trump’s lies about election fraud. Separately, they are being sued by two former Georgia election workers who are victims of Trump’s election deceptions that were prominently pushed by OAN.

It was inevitable that Trump would feel compelled to wax hysterical about the OAN debacle. After all, it is the TV home of his official spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, who makes nearly daily appearances, like this one. So the day after the DirecTV announcement, Trump took the opportunity to lash out at his cult rally in Arizona, praising OAN and confessing that “I watch it all the time,” and laughably that “You really get the truth.” Plus, it’s cute that this slobbering endorsement of OAN is being aired by Newsmax, as can be seen in the video below:

“All I can tell you is that the people that are telling the truth in America, like One America News (OAN), are being threatened. Does everybody like One America? I love One America. By the way, these cameras, you know they’re back there, they’re covering this, they don’t like hearing this stuff. Do you see the red lights? They go off one after another as soon as I’s gonna mention CNN and how bad their ratings are. You see the CNN camera go off.”

Trump’s fairy tale about camera lights going off is one of his standard lines at these rallies. And of course, it is utterly fictional. But his gushing affinity for OAN is the real thing. There is nothing that Trump likes better than moon-eyed TV hacks drenching him with adoration. But he was just getting started. He continued:

“But you know what? One America News has done a great job. And here’s the story, what just happened. The woke executives, I don’t know what the hell they’re doing. They have so much debt. AT&T is a company that is in serious trouble. And they need AT&T, and AT&T is saying that they may no longer agree to carry this network that’s doing very well. You know why? Because people told them not to do it. So maybe what we should do is not use AT&T.”

Trump’s goto insult against any enterprise that he dislikes is that they are failing, no matter how successful they are. Conversely, he builds up those he favors, such as his saying here that OAN is “doing very well.” They aren’t, and never have been. However, Trump is, once again, demonstrating his ignorance by attacking AT&T, which no longer owns DirecTV. Consequently, AT&T had nothing to do with DirecTV’s decision to cut ties with OAN.

Nevertheless, Trump is urging his cult disciples to boycott AT&T. Although he goes about it in a typically bizarre, Trumpian manner wherein he rants that “I’m not gonna use the word ‘boycott.’ I will not say ‘Boycott AT&T,'” in his passively aggressive voice that clearly indicates his desire to provoke a boycott.

The good news is that Trump is an increasingly impotent character who can’t even influence the behavior of his most devoted and glassy-eyed fans. He has called for a boycott of AT&T in the past, without any discernible impact. The same goes for his unheeded decree to quit Twitter. He is, in fact, the undisputed King of Cancel Culture, attempting to incite boycotts against numerous other companies that he has deemed enemies. The only problem for him is that no one appears to be listening, and none of his targets have suffered in the slightest. So sad!

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