Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr Promote Putin Propaganda Over U.S. Intelligence on Fox News

With each new day’s dawn it is becoming harder and harder ignore the mounting evidence that Fox News is acting as the Ministry of Propaganda for Vladimir Putin and Russia. Their top rated host, Tucker Carlson, has openly taken sides with Russia over the interests of the United States. “Why would we pick Ukraine’s side,” he recently asked rhetorically, “and not Russia’s side?”

Fox News, Sean Hannity, Vladimir Putin

Carlson also visited Hungary to lavish praise on its pro-Putin puppet, Viktor Orbán. And that endorsement was quickly parroted by Donald Trump, who has not been shy about his preference for Putin. He even tried sabotage President Biden’s summit with the Russian dictator. Which is something he may have picked up from Sean Hannity, who made virtually the same comments a few days prior.

So naturally Hannity is continuing to malign Biden and America with brazenly unpatriotic polemics. To that end he invited Donald Trump Jr on his program to offer a “fair and balanced” analysis of the Russian threat to Ukraine (and ya gotta love Rep. eric Swalwell’s take):

“I get to read reports saying that intelligence is saying that Russians may be launching a cyber attack on America. I don’t think so. I imagine that’s our people lying to us to try to instigate us getting into another war to distract from the incompetence. Do you think our posture in Ukraine has anything to do with his corrupt son raking in millions over the year, and this is the way to cover it up.”

Oh! Donnie “gets to read reports,” does he? Notice that he isn’t saying that he reads intelligence, which even Daddy Trump is prohibited from getting due to his “erratic behavior.” And the “reports” Donnie reads are undoubtedly contrived by conspiracy crackpots like Alex Jones or any sitting Republican member of Congress.

In his harangue, the sniveling Trump spawn lets leak an inadvertent truth when he says that “I imagine that’s our people lying to us.” Indeed, he is imagining it. He is imagining what he most desires: that there are “Deep State” government moles concocting nefarious schemes that conform to his anti-American nightmares.

However, Donnie’s conspiracy theory couldn’t be more preposterous. He’s alleging that Biden is plotting to start a war with Russia in order to cover up some imaginary incompetence or minor malfeasance by Hunter Biden (for which there has never been any evidence). That would be like setting yourself on fire to get rid of a pimple. Which I wouldn’t put past Donnie. He really thinks that Biden would consider a war with another nuclear superpower to be preferable to a temporary bad news cycle.

This sort of perverse perspective is par for the course for Junior. Earlier this week he posted a video of himself in which he appeared to be totally wasted. The fact that he could post that video, given his slurred and halted speech, and his bizarre head twitching, is a glaring red flag indicating much deeper emotional and/or psychological problems.

However, the neuroses of the Trumps are equally matched by the fanatical fawning of Fox News. Needless to say, Hannity had no problem with Donnie’s diatribe. It’s the sort of dishonest partisanship that has long been the mission of Fox News. And it was on full display Friday when they aired this cringeworthy clip:

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