Trump v Biden: Their Reactions to Special Counsels Reveals Who’s Innocent and Who’s Scared

Poor crybaby Trump. The self-described “most fabulous whiner” of Mar-All-Ego is starting off the new year pretty much the same way he ended the last year: Complaining petulantly that he is a victim of the hordes of enemies that are conspiring to destroy him and his aspirations of messianic sovereignty over the American motherland.

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Trump Fear

The reports that President Biden was found to be in possession of a handful of classified documents have set off the alarms spinning atop the tinfoil fedoras perched on the pinheads of Republican rage-a-holics and right-wing propagandists. Of course, the same alarmists ignore the discovery of hundreds of such documents hoarded – and lied about – by Donald Trump at his Palm Beach resort/home. And never mind that the facts associated with these stories expose just how dissimilar the circumstances are.

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What truly reveals the divergent realities of the Trump and Biden camps is their reactions to having become the subjects of special counsels. To the surprise of no one, Trump flicked the psycho switch as he unleashed his ferocious animosity toward special counsel Jack Smith. His distemper tantrum departed from anything resembling sanity. For instance, he posted on his pitifully floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that…

“The Special ‘Prosecutor’ assigned to the ‘get Trump case,’ Jack Smith(?), is a Trump Hating THUG whose wife is a serial and open Trump Hater.”

[NOTE: Trump doesn’t think that Smith is a prosecutor, or that his name is Smith]

And that

“Fire a man who may very well turn out to be a criminal, Jack Smith. His conflicts, unfairness, and mental state of derangement make him totally unfit for the job of ‘getting Trump.’ Go after Biden and the Biden Crime Family instead. Like Bill Barr, the U.S. Attorneys in Delaware and Illinois are weak, ineffective, and afraid to do what must be done. The Election was RIGGED, and we are now losing our Country. We can’t let that happen. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

[NOTE: Trump appears to be seeking a special counsel who is better “fit” to investigate him. Also, he is maligning Bill Barr and the U.S. Attorneys in Delaware and Illinois (David C. Weiss and John R. Lausch Jr) as weak and ineffective. He appointed all three of them]

And that

“Merrick Garland has to immediately end Special Counsel investigation into anything related to me because I did everything right, and appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Joe Biden who hates Biden as much as Jack Smith hates me.”

[NOTE: Robert Hur, the special counsel appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to probe the Biden matter, was also appointed by Trump to be the U.S. Attorney of Maryland]

In Trump’s delirium he is being pursued by an “unfair,” “deranged,’ “criminal,’ “THUG,” whose whole family hates him. Clearly Trump is scared witless, and is suffering from a toxic mixture of paranoia and guilt. Despite his psychotic inability to admit it – even to himself – he knows what he did and what the consequences are.

For comparison, observe how Biden responded to the news that AG Garland had named a special counsel to investigate his documents “scandal.”

“People know I take classified documents, classified material seriously. I also said we are cooperating fully and completely with the Justice Department’s review. […] As was done in the case of the Biden Penn Center, the Department of Justice was immediately notified and the lawyers arranged for the Department of Justice to take possession of the documents.”

The reactions by Trump and Biden reflect the stark differences between the two. Biden is calm and respectful of the law. Trump is rattled and contemptuous of the law and even those he appointed to administer it.

For good measure, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) predictably weighed in on his side. Fox host Mark Levin ranted that…

“Garland wanted to keep this thing hidden. He wanted to sweep it under the rug until it got hot. The Republicans were calling hearings. They were gonna call witnesses. And then Garland, reluctantly, today appoints a special counsel. And who does he appoint? He appoints the right hand man to FBI director Christopher Wray. That’s hardly the same kind of special counsel that Donald Trump is facing. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.”

So Levin is asserting that Garland appointed a special counsel for Biden because he wanted to “keep this thing hidden”? That’s a strange way to pursue that goal. Levin also baselessly claims that Garland “reluctantly,” appointed the special counsel. And Levin closes by complaining that the special counsel must be biased against Trump because he once worked for FBI director Christopher Wray. Once again, Mr. Hur was appointed by Trump, and so was Mr. Wray.

The confidence and tranquility of Biden, as contrasted by the fear and hostility exhibited by Trump, the Republican Party, Fox News, and the rest of the right-wing wacko-chamber, tells you all you need to know about the players in this melodrama. And just to seal the deal, Trump also posted a comment that may be the truest thing he ever said…

“Importantly, I have single-handedly shown the American Public how Crooked and Corrupt our Government is.”

It’s uncomfortably impossible to argue with Trump about that.

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