Tucker Carlson Unleashes Insane Rant Advocating Tobacco Because ‘Nicotine Frees Your Mind’

The 2022 election cycle featured Republicans across the country furiously condemning Democrats as a ghoulish death cult that was deliberately seeking to harm Americans by affirmatively promoting violent crime, homicidal migrants, and the use and abuse of illicit narcotics.

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Naturally, Fox News reported this nightmare perversion of reality with sensationalized coverage of mostly made up stories fear mongering about nonsense such as Halloween candies laced with fentanyl. Undeterred by the fact that none of their macabre alarmism came to pass, Fox News continues to drown their intellectually enfeebled audience in profoundly dishonest and dangerous disinformation. Particularly about COVID which, due to the flagrant lies and conspiracy theories aired by Fox News, has been found to have killed more Republicans than Democrats.

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Leading this putrid pack of propagandists is Tucker Carlson. And on Friday’s episode of his hour of contrived outrage, Carlson pontificated on his aberrant affinity for tobacco. He began by chastising Democrats for having the audacity to oppose the single most preventable cause of cancer, asserting falsely that…

“No wonder they hate tobacco. And it’s not because it causes cancer. They don’t care about your health. They closed the gyms during COVID. Anyone who would close a gym during a pandemic that kills fat people clearly doesn’t care about your health at all.”

Carlson’s “logic” is typically preposterous. He thinks that it would be beneficial for “fat” people to continue patronizing gyms – where there is profuse heaving breathing and sweating on the equipment – during the pandemic spread of a respiratory virus. And this isn’t the first time that he has associated Tobacco with obesity. Sure, overweight people are vulnerable to more severe consequences from COVID, and they should take measures to lose weight for general health reasons anyway. But that’s something they could do at home, or by taking long walks.

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Carlson, however, would have people patronize the sort of facility that could expose them to the very virus that Carlson is admitting could be deadly for them. He is advising them to go to a densely populated public place where they can exercise to lose weight over a period of months, so long as they don’t get COVID and die in a week or two. That makes sense, right? But Carlson was just getting started. He went on to complain that…

“They hate nicotine. They love THC. They’re promoting weed to your children, but they’re not letting you use tobacco, or even non-tobacco nicotine delivery devices which don’t cause cancer. Why do they hate nicotine? Because nicotine frees your mind and THC makes you compliant and passive. They hate it. It’s a real threat to them.”

Really? First of all, Carlson cannot cite a single example of Democrats “promoting weed to your children.” Secondly, adults can use tobacco all they want, as long as they are not subjecting others to their toxic habit. Third, vaping has many serious health hazards of its own. Fourth, “nicotine frees your mind”??? What sort of cancer death cult has Tucker joined?

Carlson is clearly the one who doesn’t care about your health. He has spent the past couple years pushing COVID disinformation that contributed to the deaths of his own viewers. He has warned them that vaccines don’t work and “they” aren’t telling you.

Carlson recently praised GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for reversing the Capitol smoking ban. Undoubtedly he believes that this new found freedom to suck up poisonous tar and nicotine, and expose others to the same health risks, is a boon to the testosterone deprived members whose masculinity has been on the decline due to the lack of properly tanned testicles. ‘One of the biggest stories in our lifetimes,’ Carlson has said, ‘is the total collapse of testosterone levels in American men.'”

On the same program, Carlson offered his pseudo-libertarian, anarchist view that all laws protecting people from harm are unconstitutional and should be abolished…

“The bottom line is they have no authority. They have no constitutional authority over your personal life. If it’s not in the public sphere, they have no right to ban it. You can smoke any kind of menthol cigarettes you want. You can cook in any stove you want. Only you decide what goes into your body, period. That’s the promise of America. And if we don’t stand up for that and say, ‘No, no. Come and get it.'”

So there you have it. Carlson is now advocating that everyone should be free to use tobacco, as well as fentanyl, meth, and heroin. The government should stay out of consumer product safety and allow lead paint, asbestos, and unsafe child car seats to go back on the market. Because that – getting killed by poisons and defective products – is “the promise of America.” And all this time you thought it was freedom and democracy. But is anyone surprised by Carlson’s latest harangue? He’s the same guy who recently embraced the concept of dissemating misinformation…

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