SURPRISE: Trump Turns Funeral for Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway Into Another Trump Cult Rally

Two weeks ago Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway of the Trump-fluffing duo “Diamond and Silk” died at the age of 51. Along with her sister, they produced videos that were rabidly pro-Trump and often filled with flagrant falsehoods regarding COVID, Trump’s 2020 election loss, President Biden, and more.

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Diamond and Silk, Fox News

The pair of devout Trumpists navigated the farthest fringes of conservative conspiracy country. As a result of their dangerously dishonest disinformation they were exiled from Twitter and Facebook. They were even too extreme for Fox News who canceled their Fox Nation show and stopped booking them.

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On Saturday there was a funeral service for Diamond in North Carolina. This was an important enough affair that Trump made one of the few trips away from his Mar-a-Lago bunker that he’s made in months. However, when he arrived he proceeded as if it were just another Trump cult rally.

Trump appeared to be bored and impatient for the couple of hours that he had to sit through other remembrances before his remarks. He even made reference to the the fact that he had to wait more than the fifteen minutes he was expecting to spend there. Then Trump took to the podium and behaved precisely as anyone who has seen him would have expected. Virtually the entirety of his so-called eulogy was about his favorite subject – himself. And unsurprisingly, he raged about his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged and stolen” from him:

“How do we stop the cheating? How de we stop where you get more votes but you still don’t win? And the answer is the Republicans have to get tougher. The top people have to get tougher. And you have to really swamp ’em. There’s a level at which even they can’t produce. And so if you win big enough you can get there, and then once we’re there we’re gonna straighten it all out and get it back to where it was.”

For the record, “back to where it was” when Trump’s occupation of the White House ended was in the midst of deadly pandemic, record high unemployment, undisguised bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia, antagonism toward democracy, and disrespect internationally.

Trump also boasted about the size of the venue he had rented to hold the anticipated massive crowd. But local reporting says there were only about 150 people in the 2,400 capacity hall. The same article noted that Silk implied that Diamond’s death was caused by the COVID vaccine, despite the duo having repeatedly claimed that they were never vaccinated and urged others to refuse.

Trump continued to deliver his tediously long rant, that was intended to pay homage to Diamond, by obsessing over immigration, inflation, and gas prices. He turned the whole eulogy into a campaign speech for his 2024 presidential aspirations promising that “We can fix so much of what’s been damaged over the last two years.” He lied profusely about immigration saying that…

I think maybe 15 million, they say three, maybe four – they have no idea how many people. They allowed their prisons to be emptied out into the United States of America. They allowed their mental institutions to be empties out into the United States of America.

Trump spoke about the national debt without mentioning that his four years in office contributed $8 trillion to it – about a quarter of the total. And he blamed an alleged stoppage of energy production for runaway inflation. Never mind that “the United States is already the world’s largest producer of oil and gas. Domestic oil production is at 90 percent of America’s all-time, pre-pandemic high, and the United States is producing more than twice as many barrels of oil per day as it produced in 2008.” And that’s in addition to record high production of renewal energy resources.

So the Hardaway family must feel so special and comforted by Trump’s outpouring of concern about himself and how badly America is doing without his “leadership.” But if they expected more from him they are terminally naïve. This is who Trump is now, always has been, and always will be. He has allegiance only to himself, and everyone else is just there to prop up his massive, yet fragile, ego.

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