The Biden-Harris Campaign Posts MSNBC Video of Trump’s Tyrannical Tendencies on Truth Social

The new year has barely begun, but in its infancy there have already been some significant events that will likely shape the rest of the year as it progresses toward a profoundly significant election. Among them are the judgments against Donald Trump for defamation, rape, and financial fraud, that total nearly half a billion dollars that he likely doesn’t have.

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As the 2024 presidential election cycle heats up, both Democrats and Republicans are beginning to sharpen their focus on their opponents. For Donald Trump that sharpening comes in the form of ever increasing crackpottery, including his noxious infatuation with his idol, Vladimir Putin, who he says he will “encourage” to attack our NATO allies unless they pay protection money.

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For Democrats, their sharpening is aligned with the principles they embrace as a party that is committed to advancing the interests of all Americans. President Biden has already been focusing his campaign on substantive issues that the American people care about, such as jobs, abortion, climate and environment, healthcare, gun reforms, tax equity, diplomacy, and saving democracy. While Trump has been ranting feverishly about “witch hunts,” “election interference,” and scary brown immigrants.

On Thursday the Biden-Harris campaign team took a step outside of the safe harbor of friendly media to confront Trump’s MAGA Republicans where they live – on Trump’s failing social media scam, Truth Social They posted a video clip of a discussion on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” that featured former Republican congressman, David Jolly. In the clip Jolly noted that Trump has never criticized Putin, and fails to recognize that he is a dictator. Elaborating, he said (Note: this tweet is the same as the post on Truth Social)

“Let’s talk about why Donald Trump won’t say anything. Clearly he’s under the influence of Vladimir Putin, or he has sympathies for Vladimir Putin’s agenda, and he refuses to stand up for the national security interests of the United States […] This is more than Trump now. This appears to be the Republican orthodoxy that’s providing equity to Russia and to Putin, and it’s very dangerous [and that] Vladimir Putin and Russia are a threat to Western security interests. But so is Donald Trump.”

The truth of Jolly’s commentary is obvious to clear-eyed observers who have followed Trump and his adoration of Putin. But Trump’s cult disciples on Truth Social are generally shielded from this sort of honest appraisal. They may still be unaware of its existence unless they deliberately seek it out. But the act of placing it in their domain is a fun exercise in trolling. And it could result in some of them getting exposed accidently.

The Biden-Harris campaign is making a point simply by posting the video. They aren’t afraid to engage with MAGA on their own turf. Trump however, will never venture outside of his hermetically sealed MAGA bunker, surrounded by sycophants and bootlickers. Even though the results of that cowardice may ultimately do him more harm than good.

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The criticism in Jolly’s commentary has been expressed by others, including by some of Trump’s former insiders. But it needs to be disseminated more widely throughout the campaign season. Trump’s worshipful embrace of Putin, and his envy of Putin’s domineering authoritarianism, is a threat to American democracy. And it cannot be permitted to take hold.

Consequently, the Biden-Harris campaign should continue to deliver that message everywhere. Not because it is likely to convince Trump cultists to change their views. But because it needs to fill the information vacuum and set the narrative for the coming election. And also because it’s just darn funny to rub their noses in some truth every now and then.


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