The Biden-Harris Campaign Brilliantly Exposes Republican Hypocrisy on the Border Bill

Republicans in Congress are working furiously to establish their reputation for being the most partisan and inept assembly of legislators in modern times. And to their credit, they are doing a stellar job of achieving that goal.

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In the year since they assumed their razor thin majority in the House of Representatives, the GOP has managed to pass a measly twenty bills, most of which have little to no impact on the lives the American people. Instead, they focused intently on ousting their own Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (who it took them 15 votes to elect), and then spent three weeks to select his replacement, Mike Johnson an unknown backbencher with dubious credentials. Having achieved those tasks, they set their eyes on multiple bogus impeachment inquires and smear campaigns.

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The latest clown show antics of the newly christened Trump MAGA GOP (Groveling Obedient Peons) sees them obstructing the passage of immigration legislation that they were previously begging for Democrats to support. But after a bipartisan group of Senators gave them precisely what they said they wanted, they turned tail and ran. That’s because Dear Leader Trump ordered them to abandon the bill in order to preserve the problems on the border so that he can blame them on President Biden.

Well, the Biden-Harris campaign isn’t playing along. On Wednesday morning they posted a thread on Twitter that exposed the flaming hypocrisy of Trump and his MAGA minions with evidence in their own words. The brutal and truthful takedown begins with a tweet showing Trump’s duplicity, and includes the following from his loyal cult comrades…

Donald Trump lying that “the only way to properly secure the border is with a bill from Congress.” Followed by Trump saying that “America doesn’t ‘need a bill, frankly’ to secure the border.”

Mike Johnson lying that “passing legislation to secure the border is a ‘top priority.'” Followed by Johnson saying that “‘there’s no way we could’ even vote on the bipartisan bill to secure the border after Trump told him not to.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene lying that “passing legislation to secure the border ‘should be the priority'” Followed by Greene saying that she “’could care less’ about the bipartisan bill to secure the border and that it’s ‘dead on arrival'”

Steve Scalise lying that “America ‘deserves’ Congress to pass a bill to secure the border.” Followed by Scalise saying that “the bipartisan bill to secure the border is ‘dead on arrival.'”

Jim Jordan lying that “‘we’ve gotta’ pass a bill to secure the border.” Followed by Jordan saying that “the bipartisan bill to secure the border ‘shouldn’t even be brought to the House floor.'”

Ted Cruz lying that “the border is ‘a crisis at a level we have never seen before.'” Followed by Cruz saying that “‘we don’t need’ the bipartisan bill to secure the border.'”

Josh Hawley lying that Congress needs to “secure our border.” Followed by Hawley saying that the bipartisan bill to secure the border “should be dead.”

Ron Johnson lying that securing the border “should be” Congress’ “top priority.” Followed by Hawley saying that passing the bipartisan bill to secure the border is “worse than passing nothing.”

Rick Scott lying that “nothing” else should “get passed” before Congress secures the border. Followed by Scott saying that “we don’t” need the bipartisan bill to secure the border.

That’s a damning indictment of the GOP’s shameless sophistry. They couldn’t care less about the border or resolving any issues with immigration. They only want to weaponize what they call a “crisis” for their political gain. And despite their caterwauling, they want you to forget that they passed their own ultra partisan border bill (HR 2, Secure the Border Act of 2023) last year. But now, according to their own rhetoric, they consider that a waste of time that did nothing and wasn’t needed.

What’s more, Republican Rep. Chip Roy delivered a searing condemnation of Trump and his own GOP colleagues on the House floor about the false Republican talking point that any president could close the border whenever they want and legislation isn’t necessary. He said that…

“I saw former president Trump make that allegation earlier today on one of his social media posts. All a president has to do is declare the border is closed, and it’s closed. Well, with all due respect, that didn’t happen in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. There were millions that came in during those four years.”

President Biden addressed this mess on Tuesday in speech to the nation that spelled out the failure and dishonesty of the Republicans in Congress who were torpedoing the bipartisan border bill. He correctly observed that “the MAGA Republicans said ‘No,’ because they’re afraid of Donald Trump.” then he elaborated saying that…

“If the bill fails, I want to be absolutely clear about something. The American people are going to know why it fails. I’ll be taking this issue to the country… the American people are going to know the reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump.”

From here on out the Republicans own the border and whatever problems they say are occurring there. They refuse to participate in a solution because they are only interested in having a political cudgel with which to hammer their opponents. And they are hoping that the American people are too stupid to catch on. However, with the exception of the minority of MAGA cultists, they are going to be sorely disappointed to learn that the nation is smarter than they think.


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