OOPS: Fox News Host Spills that Trump Couldn’t Answer Questions About ‘Ensuring’ Fair Elections

In November of 2020, Joe Biden won a historic election wherein he defeated an incumbent who maligned Biden as a mentally impaired, radical leftist who was stealing the election. So Donald Trump was, in effect, conceding that, despite his being president, he couldn’t stop someone he regarded as a senile communist from committing unprecedented voter fraud.

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Donald Trump, Fox News

It’s been more than three years since Trump decisively lost his reelection bid to President Biden. But he is still obsessed with babbling about the alleged election fraud for which he has failed to produce a sliver of proof after more than 60 court cases, dozens of state audits, and innumerable promises of revealing what he claimed was “irrefutable” evidence.

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In the intervening years, Trump has relied on his Ministry of Propaganda – aka Fox News – to buttress his baseless allegations and spread malicious lies intended to delegitimize Biden’s presidency. However, after being slapped with a $787 million judgment for defamation related to their election fraud deceit, the Fox News mission to furiously defend Trump at all times has gotten a bit wobbly in the knees.

That weakness has manifested in sometimes careless leaking of unfavorable information about Trump. And on Monday morning one of Fox’s most worshipful Trump-fluffers, Maria Bartiromo, inadvertently let just such a derogatory mention slip out. In an interview with Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney, Bartiromo inquired as to what Republicans were doing to prevent future election fraud…

“I asked Trump all about this. I kept saying to him, ‘What are you doing to ensure a fair and free election in November?’ He had no answers. I mean, what has the RNC done? What are the governors doing? So let me ask you…What specifically can you tell us that you and your colleagues have done to ensure a free and fair election in November?”

Rep. Tenney replied with a classic word salad response that offered nothing specific, other than having held meetings with “great governors like Gov. DeSantis” and “putting boots on the ground.”

However, Bartiromo’s question contained something a bit more newsworthy than Kenney’s politically rote reply. She revealed that all of her prior attempts to get Trump to explain what he would do to “ensure a fair and free election” were met with blank stares. That’s unusual for Trump, who is known for his ability to fill airtime with empty blathering, self-exaltations, and hostile insults, often completely ignoring the question that was asked.

Of course the reason that Trump had no answers for how he would ensure fair elections is two fold. First, he has no answers because he is an ignoramous who can’t think his way out of a paper bag. And Second, because there are no answers needed. The election wasn’t marred by election fraud to begin with. That’s something that even Fox News host Bret Baier pressed Trump on recently…

It’s notable that Trump argued with Baier by pushing already debunked lies and interjecting things that were unrelated to the question. Baier wasn’t accepting those evasions. He even returned to the question to ask if the diversions Trump spewed were how he was going to restore support from the female independent suburban voters he was losing.

Not to worry though. Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, Laura Ingraham, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends are all still solidly in Trump’s camp.


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