Rev. Trump Found the Winning Campaign Message for 2024: Saving Christian Programs on AM Radio

There is a perverse irony, and holy hypocrisy, in the embrace of Donald Trump by people who profess to be Christian. They could not have settled for a less representative spokesman for a community of faith that allegedly reveres universal love, forgiveness, and moral rectitude.

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Donald Trump Messiah

Trump is a serial adulterer who has cheated on all three of his wives. He is a pathological bearer of false witness (aka liar). He exudes greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, pride, and sloth. In short, Trump is the antithesis of Christian piety. He has even explicitly referred to himself as a messianic incarnation of Christ.

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On Thursday Trump spoke at a convention of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), an association of Christian media professionals. And his address was replete with the sort of self-exaltation that he is well known for. However, he also waded into bizarre, dystopian tales of “Big Media” and “left-wing pressure groups” telling the televangelists what to say.

“They want you to say what they want you, what they want to have you say. And we’re not gonna let that happen. You’re going to say as you want and you’re going to believe, and you’re going to believe in God. You’re gonna believe in God because God is here and God is watching. God is watching. And God probably can’t believe what he’s seeing.”

First of all, anyone listening to this garbled mess would conclude that Trump is mentally unfit to serve tables at Appleby’s. But setting aside the cognitively fractured state of his rhetoric, Trump is fear mongering about censorship of Christian media that doesn’t exist. He then went on to offer himself as their savior, saying that…

“I will protect the content that is pro-God. We’re going to protect pro-God context and content. To that end, at the request of the NRB, I will do my part to protect AM radio in our cars. You know, we like to listen to AM radio. Because you know what we’re listening to.”

So Trump is apparently going to decide for everyone what “pro-God” content is. And he is planning to force private companies to distribute those Trump-approved sermons on media that is fading in popularity.

In Trump’s America auto manufactures won’t be allowed to decide what features to include in their cars. Maybe he will demand that they install 8-track players, or subsidize Christian channels on subscription radio services such as SiriusXM. He surely isn’t going to display the same fervor for Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other brand of religiosity in media.

Trump’s speech to the NRB also included some ridiculous – in a frightening way – comments. Such as his bragging about overturning Roe vs Wade, and that “everybody on both sides” agrees with that Supreme Court decision. Does he, or his cult followers, actually believe that? He also lied that Democrats are in favor of abortion “even after birth.” And he promised to get rid of the Department of Education, because he “loves the poorly educated.”

For the most part this was Trump’s standard stump speech, complete with the tedious references to his multiple indictments, which he regards as akin to crucifixon. But this spiel was littered with more verbal glitches, incoherent wandering, and slurred words, as his mental cognition deteriorates.

To that downward spiraling, Trump added his new advocacy for an authoritarian imposition of Christian AM radio in every car. All of which sounds like a great campaign strategy. So long as he is running for Commander-in-Chief of Ward 7, with Nurse Ratched as his VP.


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