President Biden is Interviewed on Late Night with Seth Meyers, But Trump, as Usual, is the Joke

The 2024 election cycle is in full bloom. And that means that candidates are going to be making more appearances on a variety of media, including those generally regarded as entertainment. For President Biden that means appearing on late night comedy talk shows. For Donald Trump that means getting fluffed by the likes of Sean Hannity on Fox News, which despite its name, is designated as entertainment.

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On Monday night Biden made a surprise appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers (video below). It was the program’s 10 year anniversary special, and Meyers celebrated by bringing in the same guests that appeared on his first show, Amy Poehler and then-VP Joe Biden. It takes a certain measure of courage to engage in humorous banter with professionals, which Biden has shown frequently. Trump, on the hand, has shown only his notorious cowardice and aversion to any sort of unfriendly media.

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Biden responded to a variety of questions with humor, compassion, intelligence, and insight. He joked about “Dark Brandon” and the preposterous Taylor Swift conspiracy theories. As for Meyers, he covered some of the most pressing issues of the day. He asked Biden about the difficulties of producing bipartisan legislation; about Trump encouraging Vladimir Putin to “Do whatever the hell you want” to America’s NATO allies; about the risk to democracy in the upcoming election; and about the Israel-Hamas war.

Meyers put the Trump-fluffers on Fox News to shame, assuming they had any capacity for it. But he also gave Biden an opportunity to shine comedically. For instance, there was the following exchange concerning the ridiculously overblown age issue…

Meyers: You are currently 81 years old. All jokes aside, according to recent polling this is a real concern for American voters. How do you address that concern going forward as you come up to the 2024 election?
Biden: Well, a couple things. Number one, you got to take a look at the other guy. He’s about as old as I am, but he can’t remember his wife’s name. Number two, it’s about how old your ideas are. Look, I mean, this is a guy who wants to take us back. He wants to take us back on Roe v. Wade. He wants to take us back on a whole range of issues after 50, 60 years they have been solid American positions.

For the record, Biden’s reference to Trump forgetting Melania’s name comes from a recent Trump rally wherein he appeared to call her “Mercedes.” Meyers included that earlier in the show during his “A Closer Look” segment:

Throughout the interview, Biden wasn’t shy about criticizing Trump. Among the more pungent put-downs were his observations of Trump’s “disregard the rule of law;” his intentions to “ignore the Constitution,” his promise to “forgive” and “release” the violent January 6th insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol; and his demand that Congress kill bipartisan legislation to enhance border security and fund Israel and Ukraine in order to help Trump politically.

We can expect Trump to fly into one his typical ketchup throwing tantrums when he’s is eventually told about this. But that isn’t going to make him feel any better, nor advance his campaign to reoccupy the White House. It will just make the walls of Mar-a-Lago tastier.

UPDATE: As expected, Trump went off on Biden and Meyers, whose show he said was low-rated. But obviously Trump was watching and thought it was important enough to produce a video whining about it. This is the pathetic crybaby that the GOP is gonna nominate for president?


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