Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Interrupts Trump’s Lying to Note ‘He’s Not Entitled to His Own Facts’

Future psychiatrists and historians are going to have a field day exploring the paranoia, narcissism, and crybaby theatrics of Donald Trump. His deep-seated perceptions of victimhood form the foundation of his persistent hostility and emotionally disturbed detachment from reality. It’s a classic case of self-deception that is buttressed by his blindly devoted cult followers.

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The trials and tribulation of Trump are hard enough for him to handle when all he has to worry about are the “communists, fascists, thugs, and lunatics,” of the Democratic Party, the “fake news,” and the “Deep State” sponsored “witch hunts” conducted by President Biden’s “Department of Injustice.” But when his own Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, is less than zealously committed to his deceits, be prepared for the ensuing fireworks.

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On Friday Fox News host Neil Cavuto briefly stepped off of the Trump train to deliver a bit of what we call journalism. In the midst of one of Trump’s cult rally speeches, Cavuto cut in for some fact-checking. That’s something that Fox News is not accustomed to doing. In fact, it is generally frowned upon at Fox. But on this occasion Cavuto went rogue. He broke away from the Trump Show to advise his viewers that…

“We’re continuing monitoring the president’s remarks, and I mean no offense to him, some of you might want to continue to hear him, but I did have to say that even though the former president is entitled to his opinions, he’s not entitled to his own set of facts. The market has indeed been going up and having nothing to do with him […] So that whether you want to give Biden credit for that, it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

“Furthermore, he mentioned about gas prices out of whack at $6.00 a gallon. The national average right now is $3.26 a gallon.

“He went on to talk about the 2020 election and how that was ‘rigged.’ This has been adjudicated many, many times. Dozens of times. It’s been investigated by everyone and his uncle. No fewer than 44 investigations launched – some of them by judges that were picked by Donald Trump himself – that found no evidence of that in the seven battleground states where most of them were focused. Donald Trump lost each and every one of those states.”

Well said! But while Cavuto should be commended for setting the record straight on these matters, it barely scratches the surface of Trump’s pathological lying. And it’s important to remember that Fox devotes far more of its airtime – especially in primetime – defending Trump’s lies than correcting them. However, this is the second time this month that Fox has contradicted the Trumpian right-wing narrative. Trump’s former National Economic Council director, Larry Kudlow, diverted from Trump orthodoxy to praise recent economic data saying that…

“We had a blowout jobs report. More than twice the consensus expectations. Now, I know many of my conservative friends are trying to drill holes in this report. But you know what, folks? It is what it is. It’s a very strong report.”

While these exceptions to the Fox rule are welcome, Trump is still being coddled in other segments that go out of their way to stir fear and despair. For example, on Friday Fox host Lawrence Jones asked Trump what his “final message” was for the primary voters in South Carolina. Trump was decidedly dystopian saying that…

“We’re gonna make America great again. We have a real problem. Our country has never been this way. It’s never been so dangerous. They’re so sick. [rambling lies about immigration] He’s destroying our country. He’s a horrible president.”

So danger, sickness and destruction, are the key descriptors of Trump’s America. Which is nothing new for him. President Biden, on the other hand, was considerably more optimistic, encouraging, and patriotic, saying that…

“Inflation is now lower in America than any other major economy in the world. We have more to do, but we’re seeing real evidence that American consumers are feeling real confidence in their economy again.”

Those two statements convey the difference between the attitudes of these two men. Trump is an angry, vengeful prophet of doom. Biden is the voice of hope and the promise of America. The American people will choose between them in November. And it shouldn’t be a particularly difficult choice.


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