Deranged Trump Says He’s Being Charged for Crimes that Don’t Exist, Even If He’s Guilty of Them

The criminal rap sheet of Donald Trump is longer than that of many organized crime bosses. He even brags when comparing his indictments to those of Mafia kingpin, Al Capone. And he’s not wrong. He is currently facing 91 felony counts in four jurisdictions. And that’s not counting the $83 million civil judgment he was recently ordered to pay for defaming and raping writer E. Jean Carroll.

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On Thursday Trump attended a hearing for one of his cases in Manhattan, where he has been charged with financial misconduct and falsifying election funding reports. This is the case wherein he paid hush money to adult film star, Stormy Daniels, in order to keep the public from learning about his perverse personal life and breach of his marital vows.

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Trump was not required to attend this hearing, but like other such circumstances, he went anyway so that he could hold court outside the courtroom and spread lies to the assembled media. True to form, Trump rambled incoherently for several minutes about everything from crime in New York to what he calls “a real dark period for our country.” But what follows are a few of the more relevant parts of his rant…

“[T]here is absolutely no case here, it’s not a crime. […] What it is, is election interference. It is being run by Joe Biden’s White House. […] This is just a way of hurting me in the election because I’m leading by a lot. […] Even if he’s guilty of something, there’s no crime..”

Trump’s declaration that “there’s no crime” flies in the face of the criminal statutes that explicitly reference the laws that he has broken. He even comes close to a confession when he offers speculation that “even if he’s guilty” there is no crime. Although he neglects to explain how he could be guilty of an imaginary crime.

Furthermore, Trump swerves way off topic by asserting that the prosecution “is being run by Joe Biden’s White House.” He has never provided any evidence of that charge, but only because none exists. It is a state case that the federal government has no role in. And his complaint that he’s only being prosecuted because he’s leading in the presidential race is just another wild diversion from the fact that all of the actual evidence points to his guilt.

Finally, Trump whined about this prosecution taking place during this election year…

“They want to rush it because they want to get it desperately before the election goes, before the election, that’s what they want to do. They don’t care, after the election.”

First of all, it has only taken this long because Trump himself has employed every tactic he could in order to delay it. His complaint that prosecutors are rushing it in order to get a verdict before the election is precisely what they should be doing. The public deserves to know whether Trump is a crook prior to voting. Although there is little doubt of that, it is still best to have a legal adjudication.

More importantly, Trump should also want a fast conclusion. At least he would if he were innocent. In fact, an innocent person would demand to be exonerated before an upcoming election.

Apparently Trump is expecting to be convicted. And who would know better than he what he’s done? Which is exactly why he’s so scared and why he’s fighting so hard to prevent the truth from getting out.


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