FLYING KETCHUP ALERT: Peter Doocy of Fox News Reports New Poll that Shows Biden Beating Trump

The 2024 presidential election cycle is still at a pretty early stage with both candidates seeking their party’s nomination. Joe Biden, of course, is the incumbent Democratic candidate with no serious competition. Donald Trump, however, is in a near panic, despite the fact that he has faced relatively light opposition from Ron DeSantis, who has dropped out, and now Nikki Haley, who is ramping up her attacks.

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For the past several weeks Biden has trailed Trump in many polls, and has suffered with low approval ratings. But Trump’s approval hasn’t been any better. Nevertheless, Trump and his MAGA media minions have made a point of celebrating every poll that showed Trump ahead, even if it were only by a point or two and within the margin of error. And yet, Trump still can’t find any comfort in the numbers that he slobbers over.

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On Thursday morning, Fox News White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, was interviewed by his father, Steve Doocy, on Fox and friends. The subject of the segment was a new poll by Quinnipiac that put President Biden ahead of Trump by six points (50-44). It appears that the American people are starting to feel the the positive effects of Biden’s leadership, and that is beginning to be reflected in the polling. The younger Doocy reported that…

“The trends here may be changing because President Trump, former President Trump, has been leading national poll after national poll over President Biden for the last couple of weeks, but not in this one. And maybe it’s an outlier, maybe it’s not. But Quinnipiac had Biden up on Trump six points, 50 to 44.

“The Biden team has been trying to pivot to general election mode. They’ve been focusing on abortion access and on union jobs. And the Trump team has spent the last week or so dealing with his legal issues.”

Trump is not going to take this well. He has been known to viciously lambast Fox News whenever they are something less than unwaveringly worshipful. And he is particularly infuriated when they dare to report the results of polls that show him behind.

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Doocy correctly points out that Biden has been campaigning on substantive issues that the American people care about, such as abortion and jobs. He could have also mentioned the booming economy, climate and environment, healthcare, gun reforms, tax equity, and saving democracy.

Meanwhile, Doocy gently touches on the fact that Trump is wholly consumed by his “legal issues,” which include 91 felony charges and a recent $83.3 million judgment in favor of E. Jean Carroll, the woman he raped and defamed.

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Doocy continued his poll analysis, noting that third party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. take votes from both candidates, but that Biden still beats Trump 39 to 37. Then he observed that Nikki Haley was ahead of Biden 47-42, but that she is unlikely to get the Republican nomination.

All told, this is the sort of report that is likely to trigger a Trumpian aneurism. Mar-a-Lago staff has been put on Red Alert for incoming ketchup bottles. And Dr. Rep. Ronny Jackson, aka The Candyman,” is on call for distribution of additional doses of Adderall and other psych meds.

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