Trump Gets Brutally Fact-Checked Following His Fawning Fox News Town Hall with Laura Ingraham

The frequency with which Donald Trump has been found to have deliberately lied has exceeded every standard for measurement. He simply does it too often, and too flagrantly, to keep up with. At this point it would be easier to document the extremely rare instances of Trump saying something that is even marginally true.

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On Tuesday night Fox News Senior Trump-Fluffer, Laura Ingraham, hosted yet another town hall for the former reality TV game show host. And true to form, throughout the event Trump awkwardly avoided any answers that resembled reality. It’s an achievement that would impress modern history’s most accomplished political prevaricators, from Richard Nixon to George Santos. And naturally, Fox News provided the platform for Trump’s puerile duplicity.

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Following the free airtime that Fox News gifted to Trump’s reelection campaign, CNN’s Daniel Dale delved into the answers Trump gave and, to no one’s surprise, found that they were almost entirely bullpucky. In an abbreviated segment that only touched the surface of Trump’s dishonesty, Dale disclosed the following failures of the fact-challenged Trump and his facilitators on Fox News (video below)

On U.S. aid to Ukraine vs aid from the E.U.:
Trump: We’re in for over $200 billion. They’re in for $35 billion.
Dale: Those numbers appear pulled out of thin air. They’re not even close to true. According to one reputable tracker of aid to Ukraine, the Kiel Institute, which is based in Germany, is actually E.U. countries and E.U. institutions that are far outpacing the U.S. when it comes to aid commitments to Ukraine, $156 billion for the E.U. starting in 2022 around when the war began, to $73 billion to the U.S.

On allegedly stopping the Nord Stream 2 pipeline:
Trump: I stopped it. I told Germany you’re not having it. I told all of Europe you’re not having it…I ended it.
Dale: What Trump actually did was approve sanctions on some of the companies working on the project. But here’s the critical thing. He only did that about three years into his presidency, when the pipeline was already about 90 percent completed. And even after he imposed those sanctions, the Russian state-owned company behind the pipeline said, okay, fine, we’ll just complete it ourselves.

On his illegal possession of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago:
Trump: Everybody took them out. It only became a big subject when I took things out…The difference is I had what’s called the Presidential Records Act. I was allowed to do what I did.
Dale: Reagan and Bush did not take classified documents home. In fact, the National Archives debunked this claim last year when Trump made it then. He was not allowed to take these documents. It is in black and white in the Presidential Records Act that all official records belong to the government after a president leaves office.

On the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago:
Trump: We were talking, and then all of a sudden they raided Mar-a-Lago.
Dale: In fact, the FBI search in Mar-a-Lago came more than a year after the National Archives started its polite asking to try to get these documents back.

And that was just for starters. Some of the other lies and ludicrous claims that Trump unleashed, but that Dale didn’t have time to cover, included…

“If you have mail-in voting you automatically have fraud.”
Not only is there no evidence of that, but Trump routinely votes by mail.

First thing he’ll do on the border if reelected: “Drill baby, drill”
That, of course, has nothing to do with the border, Also, The U.S. is currently producing more oil than ever, and more than any other country.

“We have a new category of crime called migrant crime.”
Another crisis that Trump has made up. What’s more, crime is down nationally during the Biden administration.

On his $355 million judgment: “It’s a form of Navalny” (and communism and fascism).
This hardly requires a response. However… Alexey Navalny was a courageous advocate of democracy. Trump is a notorious coward and crybaby. and he clearly doesn’t know what the words communism or fascism mean.

It’s too bad that Trump’s cult followers aren’t going to hear the truth about his incessant lies. Although, even when they do they don’t believe it. That’s the nature of a cult. But it is still necessary to have honest rebuttals to the falsehoods spread by Trump, Fox News, and most of the MAGA-infected Republican Party. We can’t allow them to control the narrative in the media.


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