Lara Trump Tells Fox News that She Wants 5 Debates with Biden – That She Says are All Rigged

This week President Biden accepted two offers to debate Donald Trump. Shortly thereafter, Trump accepted Biden’s challenge, although not without griping about the hosting networks and some of the rules. The debates will take place on June 27 on CNN, and September 10 on ABC, providing ample time for voters to observe the candidates as they face off on live TV.

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump

It is customary for presidential candidates to have a couple of debates, and another between the vice-presidential candidates. This year however, we have a unique situation wherein both candidates have already occupied the White House and, thus, are not exactly unknown quantities who require more exposure in order to be recognized or to unveil their political platforms. These two candidates have been sparring publicly non-stop for four years already.

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Nevertheless, Trump’s daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump – who was also appointed to head the Republican National Committee (RNC) by her Sugardaddy-in-law – isn’t satisfied. And she made her objections known to Sean Hannity on Fox News, where she spends most of her time, rather than performing the duties of an RNC chair. Lara whined to Hannity that…

“What Donald Trump has said is that he wants more debates. […] Let’s do one every single month leading up to this election cause we need these two men on a stage. […] We need to hear from Donald Trump about his vision for the future of this country. […] It’s rigged so heavily in Joe Biden’s favor, but everything always is.”

That’s right! Lara wants at least five debates between Biden and Trump. Even though she believes that that they are all rigged in Biden’s favor. It’s hard to imagine what she thinks would be accomplished by that, other than providing more airtime for Trump to lie and rant incoherently, while boring the crap out of viewers. Does she really think that Trump needs more time to lay out his alleged “vision for the future,” which consists mainly of exalting himself as a cult leader who demands the unflinching loyalty of dictators like his heroes Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un?

And let’s face it, with more airtime Trump would only engage in more attacks on Biden and more infantile insults on his other perceived enemies. He doesn’t actually have a “vision” that is based on policies that could positively impact the American people. Lara didn’t even present any in her spiel to Hannity. She just complained that Hollywood, and the music industry, and the media, and the judicial system, are all against Trump. Do we need five debates to make those annoying complaints more apparent?

Another curious part of Lara’s plea for more debates is that ordinarily the candidates who are leading want fewer debates. That was even Trump’s reasoning for refusing to participate in any of the Republican primary debates. He insisted that because he was beating all of his challengers, he didn’t have to show up to debate them. Apparently it wasn’t necessary then for him to reveal his alleged vision, or to contrast it with his opponents.

So does Trump’s craving for more debates against Biden indicate that he is afraid that he is losing to Biden? Does he have internal polling that shows him behind or losing ground? Or is he just posturing for effect and doesn’t intend to show up for those, or any of the debates? It would not be the first time that he has chickened out. In fact, it’s pretty much his standard operating position. Lying, whining, and chickening out are the Trump brand.


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