Fox News Blames a MAGA Meltdown in the Republican Controlled Congress on President Biden

This week the nation was treated to the spectacle of a throng of Republican members of Congress abandoning their duties in Washington to cheer in the bleachers for their Dear Leader, Donald Trump, in New York. He is there being tried for election interference, falsifying business records, and paying hush money to a porn star. And Republicans in Congress had to be there to give him emotional support. These are your tax dollars at work, America.

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Upon their return to D.C., these prodigal congresspersons were called into a late night hearing of the House Oversight Committee to consider a preposterous motion to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress. His “offense” is refusing to give the Committee some audio tapes that they intended to exploit for political purposes. They would have been better off staying in New York, fawning over Trump, and trying to intimidate the court.

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It didn’t take long for the hearing to devolve into the sort of chaos one would expect from irascible juveniles. The verbal melee began when Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-MAGA) made a derogatory remark about the appearance of Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett. It escalated from there as Crocket moved to have Greene’s words stricken from the record, which caused Greene to insult her intelligence. And throughout the ruckus chairman James Comer demonstrated that he has absolutely no ability to manage the proceedings.

As embarrassing as all of that ought to have been for Comer and his GOP confederates, he got a total reprieve from Fox News, where the blame for it all somehow rested squarely on the shoulders of President Biden. Of course, Biden had nothing whatsoever to do with it. But that didn’t stop Fox’s Emily Compagno from pointing her fingers at Biden, saying…

“Why shouldn’t it be that the highest standard, the highest decorum, exists in this most sacred building, that they claim was breached on January 6th in the most horrific and atrocious of crimes. Will they represent the sacred and the sanctity that that building deserves? Honor that.”

“I see this as reflection of the complete erosion that our entire legislative body has become. You can wear what you want. You can say what you want. You can trash each other. You can drink. You can have sex on the dais. You can bring coke into the…This entire thing has become an absolute devolved zoo, heightened under this administration that promised us on the way in there would be unity. “

Compagno is clearly upset at the disrespect shown for the institution by this imbroglio. And it was particularly notable that she referenced the January 6th insurrection that was incited by Trump. Never mind that she and her colleagues at Fox News have relentlessly defended the insurrectionists that they call “hostages,” and characterized the riots as peaceful protests by patriots.

However, Compagno wasn’t through humiliating herself. She went on to assert that the blame for the bickering in Congress belonged to Biden, whose aspirations for unity were unfulfilled because Republicans are boorish crybabies who can’t behave like adults.

Not only was Biden completely unassociated with the fracas that went on in the House, the responsibility for the “complete erosion” of the body into “an absolute devolved zoo” rests entirely with the the Republican Party. They have held the majority for the past year and half and, based on their record, what took place Thursday night was completely predictable. After all, they can’t find bipartisan unity because they can’t even be unified within their own caucus.

The Republicans have been fighting among themselves non-stop. They took 15 votes to elect Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Then they ousted him nine months later. And some of them are now trying to oust the new Speaker Mike Johnson. In the meantime, they have succeeded in becoming the least productive Congress in decades.

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Compagno lamented that she is “deeply disappointed” in the Congress, and that “They have not earned my respect.” But she can’t acknowledge that it is her own party that has failed so pitifully. So she tries to deflect the blame in the most awkward and irrational manner imaginable.

Which is precisely what one would expect from today’s MAGA Republicans. It is no longer a political party. It is a cult. Therefore, reality must be rewritten to conform to the cult’s perceptions and doctrine. And that bastardization of reality is the purpose of Fox News, where allegiance to Trump and “alternative facts” rule the day.


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