Fox News Host is APPALLED that President Biden Wants to Make it Easier for ALL Americans to Vote

The Republican Party, in concert with their aspiring authoritarian Dear Leader, Donald Trump, has long been fiercely opposed to the basic tenets of democracy. They impose flagrantly gerrymandered redistricting, engage in overt voter suppression tactics, oppose early and mail-in voting, and they even staged a violent coup attempt to prevent Congress from certifying President Biden’s election on January 6, 2021.

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Naturally, the MAGA cult’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, has been the media partner for these anti-American efforts to illegally and unethically interfere with the free and fair administration of elections. Their primary objective is to insure that the GOP candidate is declared the winner, whether or not they got the most votes. And they intend to secure that objective by any means necessary.

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On Fox News Wednesday night, Jesse Watters provided additional proof of the nefarious blueprint for the right’s theft of elections. He floated a crackpot conspiracy theory that it’s Democrats who are plotting to skew election outcomes by – get this – encouraging people to vote.

“Biden’s using tax dollars to register Democrats to vote in the election. You say ‘Wait Jessie.’ He wants everyone to register to vote. No, no, no. He’s targeting people who interact with the federal government. People who are dependent on government assistance. Families who get food stamps. Families in the free lunch program. Families who get free health care. Homeless people. Is this a demographic you’d consider traditionally Republican? I don’t know. Maybe.”

OH NOES! Biden is concocting schemes to make it easier for millions of Americans to vote. And notice that every example that Watters lists is about lower income “families.” Apparently he thinks that “those” people shouldn’t be voting. Like most Republicans, he believes that voting should be reserved for rich, white landowners.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Watters wonders whether the family profiles in his rant would be considered “traditionally Republican.” Why? Is that his criteria for enabling easy access to voting? What’s more, Watters appears think that only Democrats benefit from government programs that provide assistance with food and healthcare.

He’s wrong. Many conservative residents of red states receive such benefits. And many of them are even Fox News viewers. Furthermore, those programs also provide additional benefits for the nation by putting funds into the hands of consumers who will spend them on goods and services, stimulating the economy.

Consequently, any opposition to the voter registration initiatives that Watters is complaining about would likely backfire on him and his GOP confederates. It would alienate the millions of Americans in rural districts who rely on the government aid that offends Watters and his Republican pals. It would also be a risky political move considering that polls show that a majority of voters want such programs increased, not cut.

So the more that Watters and Fox News and the Trumpists whine about cutting these programs, and preventing recipients from voting, the more voters will be likely to support Democrats. The American people know who is on their side. And it isn’t the party that wants to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other programs that give families a chance to thrive.


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