Adderall J. Trump Thinks He Can ‘Demand’ Biden Take a Drug Test Before the Debates – Or What?

This week President Biden challenged Donald Trump to a couple of debates, which forced Trump to agree, despite complaining about the hosting networks, and whining about conditions that would hamper his reality TV style grandstanding, such as the absence of a live audience, and the ability of moderators to cut the microphone if the candidate exceeded his allotted time.

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The Trump camp, however, is pretending not to be satisfied with the two debates now scheduled. Trump’s daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara, who he put in charge of the Republican National Committee, has asked for a total of five debates, despite insisting that that are all somehow “rigged” in favor of Biden. Just like the elections and the trials, and everything else that Trump is afraid that he’s losing. Also, it is common for the candidate who is behind to want more debates. So that tells us something about where Trump really thinks he stands.

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On Friday Trump left his son’s high school graduation early to give a speech before the Minnesota Republican Party. The speech was typically littered with the same lies and infantile insults that comprise every speech he gives. But this one also included an especially repugnant remark that he regards, in his perverse perspective, as proper political commentary. He raged that…

“We have Fake Tapper, but, you know, I just want to debate this guy. But you know, I’m going to demand a drug test too, by the way. I am. No, I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union, he was high as a kite. I said, ‘Is that Joe up there?’ And by the end of the evening, he’s like, well, he was exhausted, right? No, we’re going to demand a drug test.”

Indeed, Trump did accuse Biden of being under the influence during his State of the Union speech. That’s because, after spending weeks insisting that Biden “can’t put two sentences together,” Biden delivered a speech that was universally well received and described as “fiery” and “forceful.” So Trump and his confederates had to shift gears from taunts of “Sleepy Joe” to malign the President as “Jacked-Up Joe.” Which is actually a much cooler name.

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However, Trump’s promise to “demand” that Biden be given a drug test is just another display of his pathetic impotence. On what authority does he think he can issue such a demand? And how exactly does he think he can force it to be carried out? And what are the consequences when Biden refuses? Will the notoriously cowardly Trump use that as excuse to back out of the debates himself? Just as he did from all of the GOP primary debates.

Trump doesn’t bother to address any of that in his asinine ultimatum. Nor does he mention anything about whether he would also submit to a drug test. After all, he is the one who recently confused Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley, and thought that he was running against Barack Obama, and rambled incoherently about the fictional cannibal Hannibal Lector.

Not to mention that Trump has been caught falling asleep several times at his own criminal trial. Which makes one wonder if he could remain awake throughout a debate with Biden.

Never mind that Trump also said that “Crooked Joe Biden is the WORST debater I have ever faced!” Which is a curious thing to brag about after losing two prior debates with Biden, as well as the 2020 election. But maybe Trump will demand next that all future debates be hosted by Fox News or Pravda. That should help to win something.

UPDATE: Trump also wanted Hillary Clinton tested for drugs in 2016. He’s regurgitating his moldy oldies. What’s next? Will he demand Biden’s birth certificate?


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