The Cult of Trump Received Their Orders to Recite the Pre-Approved Lie that ‘There is No Crime’

As the jury in Donald Trump’s so-called “Hush Money” case continues to deliberate on whether he is guilty of falsifying business records, election finance violations, and/or tax fraud, Trump himself is busy disseminating his thoroughly dishonest propaganda about America’s justice system being “rigged” against him by the evil genius, President Joe Biden, who Trump also says is so mentally deficient that he “can’t put two sentences together.”

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During the evidentiary portion of the trial, the prosecution put on a detailed case that included mountains of documentary evidence and hours of testimony, mostly from Trump’s own circle of close business associates. The defense, on the other hand, called only two witnesses, who likely benefited the prosecution more than Trump. Which led to a surprisingly pessimistic appraisal of the proceedings by Trump.

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With the prospects for acquittal approaching a zero percent probability, the Trump team is taking affirmative action to prepare both Trump and his glassy-eyed cult disciples for the bad news that they seem to expect. And foremost on their agenda is to tarnish the credibility of the jury’s verdict, and the entire premise of the case having been brought at all.

However, the mission to accomplish their goal is so brazenly manufactured and transparent that no one with a functioning cerebellum could take it seriously. And Trump is personally leading this gaslighting operation with a decree to dismiss the prosecution as a “hoax” for which “there is no crime.” A quick scan of his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, reveals just how robotic their effort is. What follows are comments that Trump reposted that are all from Fox News hosts or regular contributors…

  • Gregg Jarrett: “Where is the crime? It’s nowhere! This is what I call a Bigfoot Case. It’s a Trial in search of an imaginary crime.”
  • Pam Bondi: “He committed no crime…There is nothing there.”
  • Bill O’Reilly: “There is zero evidence he even thought about campaign funding statutes.”
  • David Gelman, Fox Business: “Prosecution, you did not meet your burden, you did not find that there is a crime here.”
  • Newt Gingrich: “In New York we have a corrupt judge and a corrupt district attorney creating a corrupt trial trying to frame President Trump.”
  • Doug Collins, Fox News: “This is a prosecution in search of a crime. It’s not there. Donald Trump didn’t do anything.”
  • Laura Ingraham: “There was no crime that was committed.”
  • Lawrence Jones: “The crime has still not been presented before the court.”
  • Andy McCarthy: “NDAs are legal. An intent to defraud cannot be derived from the performance of a legal act.”
  • Jonathan Turley: “Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg…started with nothing and sold it as a legal abstraction.”

Gee…You might think that Trump wants to persuade people that he hasn’t been charged with any crime. Which is, of course, preposterous. Trump joined in the chorus with his own comment saying that “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE CHARGES ARE IN THIS RIGGED CASE—I AM ENTITLED TO SPECIFICITY JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE. THERE IS NO CRIME!” And he followed that up with a statement at one of his impromptu press tantrums outside of the courtroom…

For the benefit of Trump and his confederates, the crime that he is charged with was clearly identified when it was originally filed by the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg. It said that…

“TRUMP is charged in a New York State Supreme Court indictment with 34 counts of Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree.”

That seems simple enough, even for the MAGA RedHatters to understand. The press release for the indictment elaborated saying that Trump falsified New York business records in order to conceal an illegal conspiracy to undermine the integrity of the 2016 presidential election and other violations of election laws. And it is important to note that when he was arraigned he was asked by the judge whether he understood the charges against him, and he replied under oath, “Yes.”

So Trump pretending not to know what the charges against him are is just another example of how shamelessly he lies. And the same goes for all of his MAGA media cohorts who are engaging in the same charade. They all know perfectly well what the charges are. And they all likely believe that Trump will be found guilty of some or all of those charges. They just can’t bear to admit it to themselves, or to Trump’s cult followers. It’s a form of cowardice that they share with their Dear Leader.


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