DELUSIONAL Fox News Host Remembers When ‘Blacks Loved Trump’ and ‘Wanted to Be Trump’

Political campaigns commonly make rosy claims intended to bolster the perceived depths of support the candidate has among various constituent groups. Ordinarily those claims are backed up by at least some kernel of truth. But in the era of the MAGA GOP, all standards of honesty have been discarded as what was once the Republican Party morphs into the Cult of Trump.

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Fox News Jesse Watters

Fox News provided an outstanding example of that on Thursday night in a segment of the Jesse Watters program wherein he was “reporting” on Donald Trump’s rally in the Bronx. Throughout the day Fox News covered the rally as if there had been a sighting of the Virgin Mary that drew 100,000 faithful to a park in New York City. Actually, the attendance was more like 2-3,000, and most of them were from out of town, or even out of state. But diverging from the facts never stopped Fox News before.

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Like many others on Fox News, Watters sought to portray the Bronx rally as evidence that Trump has significant support in the Black and Latino communities. He didn’t bother to notice that most of the audience was White in a borough that is 85% people of of color.

Watters went on to complain about the frequent observations of Trump’s blatant racism. However, his comments were typically out of step with reality. He whined that…

“It does seem like they’re trying to say Trump’s racist. And they have to go all the way back into the 80s to say he’s racist. I remember in the 80s, Blacks loved Trump. In the 90s they loved him. In the 2000s Blacks wanted to be Trump. Everybody wanted to be Trump, no matter what color you are. That changed when he ran for president.”

First of all, it isn’t the vindication of Trump that Watters thinks it is to notice that examples of his racism date back 40-50 years. That’s more of a validation. But Watters goes even farther afield by claiming to “remember” the 1980s when “Blacks loved Trump.” Watters was born in Philadelphia in 1978. So he wants his viewers to believe that he recalls Trump’s popularity with Blacks in New York from his years as a toddler in another state.

There is, of course, no evidence that Blacks loved Trump in the 80s, or the 90s, or any time since. Particularly New Yorkers who actually do remember Trump taking out a full-page ad in four newspapers calling for the execution of five Black teenagers (the Central Park Five), who were falsely accused of a horrific rape and murder. Thirteen years later DNA evidence exonerated them. The five eventually received a $41 million settlement from the city of New York in 2014. Trump has never retracted his statement or apologized.

Watters continued his deranged distortion of reality by asserting that “Blacks wanted to be Trump. Everybody wanted to be Trump.” Once again, there is no evidence of any such desire on the part of anyone, with the exception of other privileged White grifters who envied Trump’s shameless deceitfulness in pursuit of greed. Most New Yorkers were repulsed by Trump and his pseudo-playboy aspirations and tawdry friendships with the likes of underage sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein.

Fox News needs to keep spreading blatant lies like these about Trump’s feeble support among Black Americans in order to convince their viewers that he is a shoo-in for the presidency in November. They are an insecure bunch of willfully blind followers who will crumble at the notion that Trump isn’t viewed by everyone as a messiah. So designated fluffers like Watters are dispatched to keep the emotional Kool-Aid flowing. It’s sad that there are still suckers – although relatively few – who continue to fall for it.


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