What’s Roasting Trump’s Nuts? Jurors Believed Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen, But Not Him

Convicted felon Donald Trump is not taking his convictions very well. The morning after a jury found him guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to cover up a sexual encounter with a porn star that threatened his presidential campaign, Trump returned to his eponymous office tower in Manhattan to do what he does best – whine like a colicky infant.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

Trump’s address to the gathered press was mostly a rehashing of everything he has been saying in his hallway harangues outside of court for the past few weeks. He attacked the judge and the district attorney, complained that the trial was a “sham” that was somehow “rigged” by President Biden, and regurgitated the canned lines that his handlers and MAGA GOP confederates had prepared for him.

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One thing, however, was clear in Trump’s tantrum. He was seething with anger at the outcome of his trial. And the targets of his animosity, in addition to the Judge, the D.A. and the Democrats, were a couple of people with whom he previously had uncommonly close relations: adult film actor/producer Stormy Daniels, and lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen.

Trump couldn’t restrain himself from mentioning Daniels and Cohen, because he surely held them materially responsible for his convictions. They both testified against him court. And in order for the jury to find him guilty, they had to believe that Daniels and Cohen told the truth, and that Trump was lying. That undoubtedly rattled his already shaky mental foundation. So he let them have it in his post-verdict speech, calling Cohen a “sleazebag,” and Daniels a liar…

There were several other witnesses in the trial that Trump could have gone after, but didn’t. And like Daniels and Cohen, they were all former close associates. Including…

  • Hope Hicks: Trump’s White House communications director.
  • David Pecker: publisher of the National Enquirer and longtime Trump friend.
  • Jeffrey McConney: The Trump Organization’s former controller.
  • Rhona Graff: Trump’s former executive assistant.
  • Deborah Tarasoff: The Trump Organization’s accounts payable supervisor.
  • Madeleine Westerhout: Trump’s White House secretary.

Despite Trump’s rancid wrath directed at American justice and the citizens who participate in it, Trump knows very well that Biden didn’t run the prosecution. He knows that Judge Juan Merchan and D.A. Alvin Bragg didn’t determine the verdict. He knows that the trial wasn’t “rigged.” But the only response that Trump and His MAGA GOP confederates have left is to denigrate the individuals and institutions that they blame for the legal misfortune that is entirely his own fault.

Therefore, he lashes out furiously with baseless allegations of corruption, and attacks on America’s justice system as “shameless” and “disgraceful.” But it’s his own shamelessness that is so disgraceful. And it’s troubling that someone so averse to the rule of law and the principles enshrined in the constitution can be considered a serious candidate for president by a major political party.

What’s more, it’s too bad that public servants like the Judge and the D.A. cannot sue Trump for defamation. But what about the jurors? If they are identified, their lives will be at risk. They have been viciously vilified by Trump as accomplices in the “rigged” trial and the “corruption” that he falsely claims took place. Where do they go to get back their reputations and security for themselves and their families?


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