Trump’s Sanity is Questioned By Voters in Focus Groups Conducted By a Conservative Pollster

The coverage of the presidential campaign to date has been pitifully lacking in substance. There is little discussion of the issues that divide President Biden from Donald Trump. The press fails to make appropriate distinctions between Biden’s advocacy of economic equality, reproductive rights, climate change mitigation, and preserving democracy, and Trump’s counter campaign that is almost entirely about himself, his legal problems, and his delusional insistence that he won in 2020.

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Instead, the media seems obsessed with the age of President Biden, while ignoring that Trump is only three years younger. More importantly, they fail to acknowledge that Trump’s madness is obvious and alarming, but Biden’s behavior shows no signs of cognitive decline. To the contrary, Biden has produced remarkable progress as President on critical matters including healthcare, gun reforms, tax equity, infrastructure, manufacturing, and more.

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While it’s true that Biden has made some minor mistakes in his speeches, they were generally trivial mispronunciations that didn’t reflect on his ability to do his job. Trump’s “mistakes,” however, are more troubling and frightening. They reveal his ignorance, racism, vengefulness, and sociopathic narcissism.

However, what the media is neglecting to observe, the voters appear to be noticing. Conservative pollster Sarah Longwell has held focus groups to ascertain where voters stand on the question of Trump’s fitness to serve. And the results aren’t pretty

“According to conservative pollster Sarah Longwell, voters are less concerned with Donald Trump’s age than they are worried about his mental fitness as they look at the presidential choices in 2024. […]

“‘[V]oters don’t question Trump’s mental capacity, they are questioning his sanity,’ she replied. ‘They question whether he is fit enough to be commander in chief from a moral and ethical standpoint.'”

The distinction between “mental capacity” and “sanity” is an important one. Some people regard Trump’s louder, more belligerent demeanor as a sign of mental fitness. It’s not, It’s just a sign that he is more severely disturbed and consumed with anger and delusions.

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On the other hand, Biden’s soft-spoken presentation is often interpreted by the press – and definitely by Trump’s MAGA GOP – as a sign that he’s weak or tired. Actually, it’s sign that he’s calm and thoughtful.

But don’t try telling that to Trump or members of his cult. They remain devoted to him as their Dear Leader despite his conspicuous craziness. Their adoration wasn’t diminished when he bragged about grabbing women by the p***y, or when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, or when he was found liable for defamation and rape, or when dined with a professed Nazi at Mar-a-Lago, or when he “encouraged” Vladimir Putin to attack our NATO allies, or when he exalted himself as akin to the messiah. So why would his severe mental handicaps bother them now?


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