Bush: Back On The Bottle?

Bush DrunkThe national embarrassment that is our president once again raises its reddened face. In photographs from the Olympics in China, it appears that recovering souse, George W. Bush, is relapsing.

In one picture his face is flushed, his eyes droop, and his expression is dopey. In all fairness, that may be his normal expression. However, the bloody scrape on his arm suggests that he has recently taken a less than normal fall.

In the other picture, Bush appears to be having trouble remaining upright without considerable help. It takes three men to prop up the wobbly boozer-in-chief.

Don’t it make ya feel proud?

This is the man that John McCain’s 3rd term would seek to emulate if, Heaven forbid, he gets the chance. However, this is not the first evidence of Bush’s backsliding. First and foremost, that high bar of American journalism, the National Enquirer, wrote about it three years ago.

EOnline reported last year that Bush’s return to drinking drove Laura to move out of the White House and to a possible split-up. Other rumors had her house hunting in Dallas for a post-presidency home away from George.

Both the Globe and Examiner covered Laura’s “eruption” at her hubby’s imbibing.

Just last month Bush accused Wall Street of getting drunk and having a hangover. Perhaps they were binging together. We know how close they are.

This is a president who can’t stay upright on a bicycle and who nearly chokes to death on pretzels. Maybe we’ll get a better picture of the man when Oliver Stone’s movie “W” is released in a couple of months. Stone’s script reportedly has Bush Sr. telling his no-good progeny that…

“You never kept your word once…you’re only good for partying, chasing tail, driving drunk…You deeply disappoint me.”

He deeply disappoints us all. This is what America gets when they vote for the guy they’d most like to have a beer with.


45 thoughts on “Bush: Back On The Bottle?

  1. What a waste of life!! Do the world and yourself a favor and commit suicide.

    • Hey, comments like that will make Bill O’Reilly call this “hate site.” Besides, suicide is too good for him. I want to him live through his impeachment and/or Vincent Bugliosi’s prosecution of him for murder.

      I’m all for the “right to die” and “death with dignity” but that ship has already sailed for Bush.

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  3. Your right Mark, suicide is too good for him. I would much rather see him suffer the same fate as Saddam!!
    Got rope?
    Home Depot has rope on sale. 🙂

  4. Who cares what bill orly says?

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  6. Наш бывший президент – Ельцин – перепил бы вашего Буша! 🙂

    • Да, а Ельцин не была алкоголичка которая претендовала дать вверх спирт.

      • Ð’ советском Россия, питье водочки вы!

        • Ð’Ñ‹ средние они не имеют Bud?

    The national embarrassment that is ANYONE WHO BELIVES THIS SH*T

    See heres the thing guy and gals is that a picture tells a thousand story’s such as this one.
    1st. Top picture shows Pres Bush (THE MAN) sitting with his wife apparently agreeing with someone’s PREFORMANCE. HE IS WEREING A LIGHT BLUE SHORT SLEVE BUTTON UP SHIRT.
    2nd. we see Pres Bush (THE MAN) getting help up from some secret service guys or others wanting to help. NOTICE THAT IN THIS PICTURE HE IS WEREING A LONGSLEVE WHITE BUTTON UP SHIRT.
    Now this is just a little something from people who are anti Bush and they manipulate people with fast pictures and small articles that actually bear no truth what so ever. So now who do you think is lying and giving you disinformation? Not just Bush but anti Bush as well. If you are trying to further your cause please try to tell the truth and show the truth. Hipacrits THIS MEANS YOU. PLEASE DO NOT BELIVE ALL THIS CRAP ABOUT BUSH. 90% IS BULL CRAP. SO HOW DOES IT FEEL WHEN YOU GET FOOLED BY ANTI BUSH PEOPLE WITH THERE OWN AGENDA. SO, WHOS LYING NOW?
    Come on peopel lets start doing research on both sides of the coin rather then jumping on the popular band wagon every chance we get.

    • So, he changed his shirt, from one venue to another. Since Laura seems to have on the same outfit, it could have been the same afternoon/evening. Whatever. He still looks “out of it”. And obviously could not get up without help.

      Minimum question…..Why?

      • Laura does not have on the same outfit. One jacket has tan buttons and the other has black buttons. I find it laughable that this is even a topic of conversation. What is interesting, though, is another person’s comment that this president has caused such raw hatred among Americans (leave aside the rest of the world). I imagine it must be pretty depressing to be him these days.

    • Who cares what shirt he was wearing? These are two different pictures and he appears to be sloshed in both of them. Your argument only makes it worse, implying that he was drunk on multiple occasions.

    • So Bush ISN’T wearing the same shirt on another day of the Olympics…. AND???
      HE is still apparently DRUNK as a SKUNK and can’t even stand up on his own!!!

      Blue shirt, white shirt, red shirt,… I’m sure he spills beer on all his shirts anyway…

      He is OBVIOUSLY drunk or drugged or both!!
      Go AMerica!! /snark.

      • It will sure be nice to have a president that doesn’t make you cringe whenever he goes out in public. President Obama will restore pride in America.

    • …so he was wasted on multiple appearances at the Olympics. I don’t see how Bush’s ability to change shirts overnight supports your case in any way.

      Face it, Jacob; your leader is a wasted, washed-up tool. We should all feel horrifically embarassed that this idiot represents us to the world, and that we allow his puppet-masters to commit so many crimes in our name.

    • Do you think he only got drunk once? Obviously, thee were separate incidents. There have been rumors for about a year that he was drinking again and people talk. This is a man who was a serious alcohol and drug abuser who never sought help. He is a dry drunk, but it appears no longer, which was inevitable. He needs to be removed from office.

  8. notice that a anti bush site only has anti bush people making comments. Make sure you guys stick together and talk with only yourselves because when you come out into the world you will see that your arguments are nothing more than speculation at best. Look for the truth. Don’t draw conclusions from some pictures, research people. Be ready to consider all stories then comment on what you think

    • Yes, this is an anti-Bush site. But that’s only because it’s a pro-America, truth, and intelligence site.

      And Bush supporters, like yourself, are welcome to comment here. It’s not my fault that there are only 23% of them left in the country after his disastrous administration that has thrust us into two wars, corrupted justice, fouled the environment, and destroyed our economy.

      I think you’re the one that needs to get out into the real world a little more.

      • Ваш сайт очень хороший. Много интересной информации без цензуры.

        Джордж Буш – самый плохой президент в истории Америки.
        Он сделал много ошибок. Он сделал много плохого вашей стране и всему миру.

        Я желаю Америке нового президента такого как Рузвельт.

        • Ð’Ñ‹. Я соглашаюсь вполне.

  9. Love the comment above titled “Get Smart.” It is absolutely filled with misspellings that are clearly not typos. I know having said that, I am doomed to make a mistake in this reply, but I’m not demanding that people “get smart.”

    Nothing in the original post implies that these two photos are concurrent. They are two examples of the President’s apparent drunkenness. I think drinking is a reasonable explanation for W.’s bufoonish behavior over the last 8 years. In fact, I’d almost rather hear he’d been boozing all this time. Thinking that a sober person would behave as he has is rather horrifying.

    • Seriously! I mean who chokes on a pretzel unless they are fall down, stumbling, DRUNK!!

  10. I also get a kick out of conservatives when they tell others how stupid they are when their writing shows they havn’t even been able to master basic grammar. There is a word for that…wanker. That’s from the Australian slang for very stupid people that think they’re smarter than others.
    And that is not a slam on stupid people; I know some wonderful people that have very low IQs but most of them don’t labor under the impression that everybody else is even dumber.

  11. I HATE Bush, but Jacob is correct. Between the hatred this man has created for himself, it would be very hard to distinguish truth from fiction these days. The bottom line is that while all presidents have a group of people that dislike/disapprove of them, Mr. Bush has broken the mold with a whole new anti-fan club. I think that despite the secrecy this administration has tried to uphold (and with great failure), one would think this would have made more press than John Edwards’ potential bleeding heart love child being trained by al-qaeda to hug trees.

  12. ……and by the way, the red marks on his elbow are there to cover the 6’s underneath.

  13. I hate Bush, but there’s just not evidence in these photos to make such an assertion. That looks like a bike injury on his arm. And doesn’t the man have Lime disease?

  14. Yes these may be different pictures but how can we draw conclusions from pictures where he may or may not have had a few too many drinks. There are so many other causes for this behavior but since BOOOO-Bush seems to be the way the wind blows these days then go ahead and draw all the uneducated conclusions you can. When you look for garbage, you are going to find it. I am sure there is a hundred more pictures out there that you can draw negative conclusions from. For instance I saw some compelling evidence that Bush, Blare, and Mushareff are actually aliens in disguise. If you think these two pictures lend merit to your argument wait until I post this stuff. Thanks for spreading more crap around. Let us face it, someone had to remove Saddam. Come on people. This is a man who gassed people, tortured people to death using electricity, poisons, and some other horrible sh*t I don’t want to think of. (Please try to restrain yourself from bringing up Guantanamo). I think that Bush did what every hard-working God-fearing person wanted. No weapons of mass destruction? What do you think Saddam Hussein was? His mind was a weapon of mass destruction. This is how I see it, your guilty conscience may make you vote democratic but deep down inside we want republicans to brutalize criminals, lower taxes, and teach the bad guys a lesson or two. Then, we scream cover up, deception, lies, torture, and embarrassment. The most embarrassing thing is how the American people flip-flop from popular to unpopular decisions. O well, this is why I love being Canadian. We get to sit back and watch you people tear yourselves apart and then blame your leader. It’s you the people who are to blame. Unite together don’t let this sh*t govern what makes you Americans good people and that is if anyone wants to pick a fight with the weak, then The USA will teach you a lesson or two. O and buy the way do you know who gives you most of your oil? No, it is not Saudi Arabia, not Iraq, or any, other backward country that hates you. It is Canada. Alberta Canada. 60% of your oil comes from us. How does that sit? You do not need these other countries for oil. In fact, we have the second largest oil deposits in the world and were just a little north from you so thank you for supporting my country. The more bullies you guys kill, the more oil you will need to do it so keep it up and we will keep it flowing see ya.

    p.s. How is that for bad grammar a misspelling? I should read more.

    • Saddam was just the same as a dozen other tyrants around the world. Should we invade all of those countries too? And if Saddam is to be condemned for the horror he visited upon the Iraqi people, then Bush deserves condemnation as well. Bush’s war killed many more Iraqis than Saddam ever did.

      However, when you say that “It’s you the people who are to blame,” I couldn’t agree more. The Americans who went to the polls and voted for Bush were either deliberately blood-thirsty, pathetically fearful, or willfully ignorant.

    • I will try not to misspell my words so the “dimos” won’t freak out! (They are so perfect you know) Anyhoo, if GWB would take his life, it would be the fault of all of you nonsupportive, dung-slinging, name-calling, snobs. Have you endured another 9-11? I didn’t think so–but you believe it was an “inside” job. How “Michaee Moorish” of you. Keep on listening to Moore and his ilk and you will be like all the other “Stepfords” (no original thoughts). The embarrassment here is someone from Canada is enjoying reading you “Mikey-Moorite’s” posts with the usual GWB bashing. You people are beginning to sound like broken records! Please get some new material because this stuff is so old it is beginning to stink!

      • FYI: We have endured much worse than another 9/11. More Americans were killed in the unwarranted and illegal war in Iraq than on 9/11. Thousands more are suffering injuries and PTSD. This doesn’t even include the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who have died.

        And I have a lot of new material but I doubt that you will read any of it. You have to stay safely in your national security bubble of fear.

  15. The first thing I noticed was that “fresh” scrape on Bush’s arm and elbow area. I pointed it out to my husband and his exact words were, “Looks like he’s fallen off his wagon…Hard!”
    With all the cameras at the venue, maybe we can all try to locate if this was video taped for prosperity’s sake. LOL I’d love to see moving pictures of this idiot in action. The still pictures are great, but to see it live would be fantastic.
    I was wondering why the media cameras didn’t take too many shots of the President, enjoying himself at the games. Now I know why.
    Well, we have the great photos of Bush looking scared out of his wits, on 9/11 and then continue to read to the only grade of school children where he probably wouldn’t have too much trouble reading the words.
    Now, we have a drunken Bush at the Olympics, while Russia invades Georgia and, because of his raping our military and the economy, all we can do is wag a finger in Putin’s face and hope he doesn’t bite it off.
    I can’t wait to vote for Obama. At least I’ll know that I tried to save this country.

  16. To quote a British newspaper headline in November of ’04 , the day after our election — “How can 56 million people be so dumb ?”

    The Bush legacy ?

    “Dumb and Dumber” (includes the voters that made all this possible).

    • Humans, much like sheep, have an instinct to follow passively and have a horror of breaking away from the group.

      It’s been one of the main goals of philosophy to sway people into coming into their own, but the further that thinkers delve into this task, the further that people in general push these men and women away out of fear what could happen as opposed to knowledge of what is already occurring.

      The GOP has built a party on these fundamentals of psychology and the rejection of free thinkers in the party.

  17. The photo is an OBVIOUS Photoshop job. I have worked in the prining/graphic arts industry for 20 years and it’s not even a GOOD Photoshop job.

    Not a GWB fan here but try again.

    • You should do a little research to keep from looking foolish.

      The links above go to the source for the photos, which is the Associated Press. So you’re right – it isn’t a good Photoshop job, because it isn’t a Photoshop job at all (except where I highlighted his elbow).

      If this is an example of your 20 years experience with graphic arts, it’s not much of a resume. Sorry.

  18. So the Associated Press has never gotten ahold of fauxtoshopped work and passed if off as real? You, my friend Mark, are as ignorant as you are a seething liberal mental case.

    • I know you are but what am I?

      The AP has a solid reputation for photo-journalism. There may be a handful of instances of altered content in 50 years, and in those cases the bureau was the victim of a fraudulent freelancer and it was thoroughly disclosed.

      In this case, there has not been a single allegation of manipulation outside of my anonymous commenter above. Even the White House has not challenged the authenticity of the photos (and they are notoriously aggressive with media they believe is inaccurate). So take you snide insults and try to find some actual evidence rather than making blind stabs at anything you happen to disagree with.

  19. This isn’t anti-bush, this is just an embarrassment to the country. What other leader did you see getting hammered at an event?

    It’s fine if he wants to have a few drinks in quarters elsewhere like a dignified man. But he didn’t even dress like the leader of our country. He’s a slob.

    This has to do with his entire presidency, his lack of respect for other cultures, and a complete lack of proper etiquette.

    If you want to go to a football game and get hammered, fine turn in your position. But if you want to go as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, act like you have a bit of class. I guess it’s too late to fool anybody now.

    Anybody care to debate why the rest of world laughs at us behind our backs? It is a one letter answer… W.

  20. I’m amazed that there are only still pictures of this particular event. I saw this as it HAPPENED, on network television. The cameras were trained on Bush’s party, and he did not “stumble”. He was unable to stand, and the looks on his wife and daughter’s faces clearly showed extreme ongoing concern as the secret service agents tried to stabilize him and get him back into his seat. The man was definitely drunk.

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