Desperately Seeking a Trump VP Nod, Gov Kristi Noem Manages to Thoroughly Humiliate Herself.

The ranks of servile sycophants swimming around Donald Trump like the symbiotic fish species that leech off of whales is peculiar phenomenon that generally leads to repudiation and rejection. Trump notoriously demands unflinching loyalty from his supplicants, but refuses to reciprocate when they are no longer useful to him.

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Donald Trump, Woman, Fear

This is especially notable in the grueling contest for who will join Trump’s ticket for the 2024 presidential race. There is already a flock of fawners hoping to land the number two post, whose job it will be to prop up Dear Leader’s corpulent husk and ego. They include such bottom-feeding bootlickers as Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Elise Stefanik, Byron Donalds, Kari Lake, and JD Vance. All vying to be the next hangman, aka Mike Pence.

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Among the throbbing throng of VP aspirants is South Dakota governor, Kristi Noem. And she made a big play for the part of vice-president this weekend on CNN’s “State of the Nation” during an interview with Dana Bash. It went something like this (video below)

Bash: Donald Trump acknowledged in 2018 that he authorized payments to Stormy Daniels and reimbursed Michael Cohen. And we actually have the reimbursement checks to Michael Cohen. Those are the facts. Are you comfortable with this?
Noem: Michael Cohen worked for ‘president’ Trump. ‘President’ Trump paid his legal fees. He paid his Michael Cohen legal fees and bills. And that’s what this trial will bringing forward hopefully is the truth.

Noem’s response is a bald-faced lie. Trump was not paying Cohen’s legal fees. He was reimbursing Cohen for the $130,000.00 that Cohen paid to Stormy Daniels to buy her silence, in order to influence the outcome of the election. Then Trump purposefully lied in his financial reporting to cover that up. Those are the facts, and Noem knows it. Despite that, she continued…

Noem: What a ridiculous case that this is. That it is based on a narrative today that is coming from a man that is proven to be a liar. So, I’m hoping that this judge makes the right decision. I’m hoping these jurors can come in and be unbiased. And we’ll let this case go forward in a swift manner that allows ‘president’ Trump to get back on the campaign trail.

Noem is right that this case is based on the narrative of “a man that is proven to be a liar.” Donald Trump. And the last thing that Trump wants is for the case to “go forward in a swift manner.” He has been doing everything he can to delay it from the start. Because unlike defendants who are innocent and want to clear their names, Trump knows he’s guilty and wants to avoid his inevitable conviction. Noem continues…

Noem: Americans deserve to hear from their candidates, and the Democrats and the activists are using this trial to derail him, to keep him in court instead of out talking to Americans about what their real concerns are. And their real concerns are their every day lives. They need a leader in the White House who gets up every day and puts them first and doesn’t raise their taxes. Doesn’t over-regulate them, take away their freedoms and give all our money to other countries instead of making sure that we’re taking care of America first and keeping us safe and secure.

The trial is only going to be in session four days a week. The other three days, and every night, Trump is free to campaign. So far he has not done so any of the days when court has not been in session. He is not, and never has been, a leader who “gets up every day and puts [the people] first.” He puts himself first at all times. He rarely stops talking about himself. And when he does address policies, they are always aimed at benefitting wealthy people, corporations, or his foreign authoritarian pals.

Bash then fact-checks Noem’s utterly unfounded insinuations that Democrats and President Biden had something to do with Trump’s prosecutions in order to “keep him in court.” Which leads to Noem bizarrely unleashing totally unrelated references to imaginary crimes by Biden and the controversies surrounding his son, Hunter. Then Bash interjects…

Bash: I just want to say for the record, there’s absolutely no evidence that President Biden is involved in this. This is a a case that is being brought in the state of New York by the Manhattan D.A.
Noem: Yes, that’s, that’s what I think is remarkable, is that if you look at President Biden, and what he’s done, and what his son has done, and the fact that…
Bash: That has nothing to do with this.

Noem is a strong contender for Trump’s VP slot because she is a shameless lickspittle who will dodge and lie in order to deflect from the illegal and unethical record of Trump’s public life. But she won’t be much help appealing to voters if she persists in these pathetic displays of dishonesty. But then, she shares that with all of the other VP contenders and, of course, with Trump himself. So it’s a lose-lose proposition for the biggest loser in American politics.


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One thought on “Desperately Seeking a Trump VP Nod, Gov Kristi Noem Manages to Thoroughly Humiliate Herself.

  1. Why do CNN and the others, KEEP having these lying a*swipes ON? (yeah, for ratings, but come on now.)

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