WHUT? Fox News Drools Over the Distemper Tantrum Tirades of Trump as ‘Respecting the Court’

The extraordinary ability of Fox News to justify any and every atrocity of Donald Trump has been well documented from the first day that he descended on his goldish escalator to announce his American Carnage campaign to occupy the White House and gather all glory unto his exaltedness.

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It would be difficult to rank the abominations that Trump has been responsible for over the years. But whether it was his deadly mismanagement of the COVID pandemic, or his crashing the U.S. economy, or his abhorrent bigotry and assaults on civil rights, Fox News was always there to try clean it up and present his failures as miracles by the messiah of Mar-a-Lago.

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On Monday morning Trump was in a New York courtroom as the first ever former U.S. president to be tried for criminal acts. He was typically furious and frightened as he lashed out the judge, the prosecutors, and the witnesses. Beginning at 5:39 AM ET, Trump posted more than 60 comments on his floundering social media scam, Truth social, in a pitiful display of desperation and impotence. So leave it to Fox News to rush to his rescue with a crackpot commentary provided by Harris Faulkner, co-host of Fox’s Outnumbered…

“One bottom line for Donald Trump today. this is the weakest of the cases. So no matter how he goes forward it is rather uphill. And I liked what he said earlier. I like when any defendant talks this way. ‘It is my honor. It’s a pleasure to be here.’ Respecting the court.”

First of all, Faulkner is in no position to grade the strength or weakness of Trump’s legal cases, since she regards all of them as unwarranted. In her view, like that of all MAGA cultists, Trump is the epitome of purity and innocence. But more to the point, Faulkner’s slobbering praise of Trump as someone who is “Respecting the court” is downright delusional.

Has Faulkner ever heard anything that Trump has said about the courts and the prosecutors that are conducted his trials? He has repeatedly maligned them as “corrupt” and “crooked” and “biased” and “Trump-hating” and “conflicted” and generally unscrupulous and unfair. He has attacked the judges, attorneys, and witnesses personally, resulting in his being slapped with a gag order (that he may already have violated). And he has even attacked the as yet unnamed jurors who he assumes will be anti-Trump.

So where is Faulkner getting the idea that Trump respects the court? Well, from her statement she is getting it from comments he made Monday morning before court. She lauds him for saying that it is his “honor” and “pleasure” to be there. There’s just one problem with that. He never said either of those things. What Trump did say was another attack on the court that he portrayed as a “political persecution” that he was “proud” to be battling against.

“It’s an assault on America. And that’s why I’m very proud to be here. This is an assault on our country. And it’s a country that’s failing. It’s a country that’s being run by an incompetent man who is very much involved in this case.”

Where is the “respect” in calling the proceedings “an assault on America”? Where is the “respect” in falsely charging that the judge is improperly coordinating with President Biden? In short, what the f**k is Faulkner talking about?

Trump doesn’t know the meaning of “respect,” unless it’s intended to be lavished on him by glassy-eyed sycophants like Faulkner, despite his having done nothing to earn it. Although Fox News deserves some respect for being able to dispense this kind of bullpucky with a straight face.


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