Fox News Advises Criminals (e.g. Trump) to Commit Crimes in Red States to Get Friendly Juries

Next Monday there will be a historic first in America. The nation will commence the first criminal trial of a former United States president. The defendant, Donald Trump, has been whining plaintively that “Nothing like this has ever happened before.” And in another historic first, he’s right. But only because no other president has ever been such a brazen perpetrator of crimes.

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Monday’s proceedings involve Trump’s election interference and federal election financial fraud, in a matter that the media is soft-pedaling as the “Hush Money” case. Trump has been shamelessly conducting his years-long crime spree in the open, convinced that he is entitled to violate any laws he chooses with impunity. He literally confesses to the charges against him, but argues that an imaginary doctrine of “presidential immunity” releases him from any legal consequences.

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Naturally, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, is buttressing his ludicrous legal excuses with equally bizarre rationale. Like Trump, they believe that he cannot be held accountable for any of the 88 felony charges currently pending against him, but that President Biden has no such immunity and must be immediately incarcerated without trial or evidence.

However, in a segment on Saturday morning, Fox and Friends co- hosts Rachel Campos-Duffy and Pete Hegseth went even further to offer legal counsel to any conservatives watching who might be contemplating committing any crimes…

Campos-Duffy: You know, maybe subconsciously people are realizing, you know, I could have trouble with the law at some point. Something could happen to me. Do I want to be in a red state or a blue state, you know? This is a case where, you know, the outcome of your case is determined by the jury pool and where you’re at. And so, you know, I think it’s interesting that maybe you wanna be in a red state if you’re conservative, because at least you’ll get a, you know, a jury of your peers. Somebody who will…
Hegseth: He wants a fair shake.

First of all, what allegedly professional television communicator inserts the interjection “you know” six times in a brief comment? Does she have any idea what she’s talking about? And who are these prospective criminals (including herself) that Campos-Duffy says are “subconsciously realizing” that they’re gonna have trouble with the law?

More to the point, Campos-Duffy is affirmatively advocating that conservatives plan and execute their unlawful deeds in red states (i.e. states populated and governed by Republicans), where she believes they will be given more favorable treatment by the potential jurors there. In effect, she’s asserting that red states are more tolerant of crime and criminals. Which might explain why, contrary to GOP gaslighting, crime rates are actually higher in red states.

What’s more, Campos-Duffy thinks that “a jury of your peers” means jurors who are aligned with you politically. Which, of course, is preposterous. Clearly her opinion is driven by her hopes that a jury of Trump supporters would acquit him, not because he’s innocent, but because they are idolatrous cult disciples who don’t care that he’s guilty.

Notice also that Hegseth cuts Campos-Duffy off at the end of her remarks to prevent her from saying that a defendant in a red state could get a jury with “Somebody who will…” What? Let him off the hook? Hang the jury? Let’s face it, Trump and his ilk are not looking for a “fair shake.”

So Trump’s first criminal trial is set to begin Monday in his home state of New York. But that doesn’t satisfy the Trump-fluffers at Fox News. They have actually argued that “fairness” would require a venue change to someplace like Alabama. Now Fox is warning any aspiring felons that “maybe you wanna be in a red state if you’re conservative.” And if they are listening, we may see a surge of crimes by conservatives in MAGA Land. Where “at least you’ll get a, you know, a jury of your peers.”


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