THANKS DON: Trump’s Bashing of Mail-In Voting Has Created an Enduring Advantage for Democrats

Donald Trump has been especially upset lately over the criminal trials that he is subject to as a result of his compulsive misconduct and disrespect for the law. For the most part his outrage is expressed in pitiful whining that he is the victim of corrupt and/or biased prosecutors and judges who are engaging in “election interference.”

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Donald Trump, Vote By Mail

To be clear, what Trump regards as election interference is merely that he is finally being held accountable for his many crimes – at least 88 felony charges so far. And that’s not counting the defamation and rape, and financial fraud civil lawsuits that he has already lost, and for which he has had to post a quarter of a billion dollars in appeal bonds. Needless to say, that has triggered another Trump tantrum…

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In light of Trump’s conviction that “OUR ELECTIONS ARE CORRUPT” (as he posted Tuesday morning), this would be a good time to reexamine Trump’s ideas for ensuring fair and secure elections. For years he has insisted that early voting and mail-in voting are irreparably contaminated by fraud and must be terminated. However, that position is creating some serious problems for the republican Party that he is supposed to be the leader of. NBC News is reporting that…

“National Republicans are attempting a shift to embrace mail-in and early voting to match what’s been a Democratic advantage in recent years.

“But interviews with nearly 20 Republican officials and voters across the country say there is lingering, and sometimes fierce, resistance to the idea — from Trump on down. The schism signals potential peril for the party in the fall if it once again fails to match Democrats’ on-the-ground ballot organization.

“It starts at the top. As the leader of the Republican Party, Trump has used his position to blast, without evidence, mail-in voting as a Trojan horse for widespread voter fraud. In the process, the former president has eroded trust in a method that was once widely embraced by many people in his party, putting Republicans at a disadvantage against Democrats.”

Indeed, Trump’s anti-mail-in voting obsession is making it harder for the GOP to bank votes in advance of an election. That results in lower turnout and higher campaign costs attempting to reach voters on election day and get them out to the polls. As GOP officials try to encourage early voting, Trump’s glassy-eyed cult disciples refuse to engage in a practice that their Dear Leader has instructed them is infected with nasty, democratic corruption.

Among the GOP officials encountering this obstacle is Trump’s daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump, who he recently installed as co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Lara herself has been busy alienating her fellow Republicans. And she recently told the CPAC crowd that…

“If we want to compete with the Democrats, we cannot wait until Election Day. If we want to compete and win, we must embrace early voting. The days of waiting until Election Day to vote are over.”

Too bad her Sugardaddy-in-Law doesn’t agree with her. As recently as February Trump has been making the rounds of MAGA TV to warn his supporters to refrain from early and mail-voting.

“Mail in voting is totally corrupt. Get that through your head. It has to be. The votes. I mean, it has to be.” […And…] “If you have mail-in voting you automatically have fraud.”

Trump, of course, has good reason (in his warped mind) to oppose mail-in voting. And he isn’t afraid to reveal it to the world. Just to make sure that there wasn’t any confusion, Trump laid out specifically what the problem is with it.

“Any effort to dictate national Mail-In Voting will be a disaster for our Country and for conservatism. There will never be a Republican elected to high office again.”

And there you have it. However, what Trump seems oblivious to is that what he regards as a warning is likely to be viewed with delight by most Americans. The prospect that “There will never be a Republican elected to high office again,” is really more of a reward than a threat. So as for early and mail-in voting – bring it on. And let the Trumpies honor their hero by staying home and not succumbing to the corruption of American democracy.

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