Fox News is Lusting After Trump Going to Jail as a Way to Kick-Start His Comatose Campaign

The first criminal trial for Donald Trump – or any American president – is now set to commence on Monday morning. This is naturally whipping Trump’s brain into a frothy puree of dyspeptic pulp as he predictably unleashes a frenzied assault on his perceived enemies in the courtroom, the media, and pretty much anywhere he turns.

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Donald Trump, Prison

Trump’s anxiety is driven by his fear that he will finally be held accountable for his myriad crimes. He knows what he’s done, and he knows that the evidence will prove it. So he resorts to malicious attacks that only affirm his impotence and cowardice. And to one’s surprise, his Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, is standing by to provide shelter in the storm…

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The prospects of Trump being convicted have been examined by knowledgeable lawyers and legal academics. But there is another path that could lead to Trump’s incarceration. He is virtually daring the judge in his election interference (aka hush money) case to find him in contempt of the court’s gag order prohibiting him from maligning court personnel, prosecutors, witnesses, and jurors.

If Trump really wants to go to jail, he has an ally in Fox News. On Friday there were a couple of notable commentaries that not only address that possibility, but actually promote it.

Let’s begin with Pam Bondi, the former Republican attorney general of Florida, and currently with the ultra-MAGA America First Policy Institute. She was a guest on Sean Hannity’s program where they had the following exchange…

Bondi: Do I want to see him in jail? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t put it past this judge though. And [former] president Trump should be allowed to be out on the campaign trail every single day. This trial shouldn’t even be going until after the election.
Hannity: Well, let me ask you…If they try to put the former president in jail a hundred and some odd days before an election, you really believe that’s gonna happen? What do you think the country’s reaction to that is?
Bondi: I think he’ll win by an even a bigger landslide than he’s going to win by already.

First of all, the trial will be in session four days a week. Which leaves three days a week for Trump to be out on the campaign trail. This week he didn’t go out campaigning at all on those three days, which isn’t the court’s fault. Trump is just inherently lazy. And it shows as he has sequestered himself in his Mar-a-Lago bunker, or his golf resorts, while President Biden has been crisscrossing the nation to meet voters and discuss the issues that matter to them.

More to the point, if Bondi really believes that incarcerating Trump would result in “an even a bigger landslide,” then why wouldn’t she want to see him jail? She’s essentially making the argument that putting Trump behind bars would be a smart strategic play, but then disowns her own theory. Many Americans, however, would love to see that theory tested. So he should either go for it, or shut up.

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Later Friday night, Jesse Watters raised the same issue on his program. And he was even more explicit in his advocacy of jailing Trump…

“I would make them put me in jail. I would have a tweet about maybe something perhaps I said on ‘The Five’ or ‘Jesse Watters Primetime,’ and I would force them to throw me in jail.”

Okay, fine. Let’s all hope that Trump is listening and takes Watters’ advice. Because they are convinced that the American people would embrace a candidate who is so hostile and emotionally unstable that he would provoke a judge to punish him for disruptive and infantile behavior. That’s just what the MAGA cult wants in a national leader.

Time will tell if Trump decides to take the path to prison. He is certainly capable of it. He believes he is infallible and untouchable. He’s half right. And whether by intention, or just the fact that he can’t keep his big mouth shut, he could wind up crossing the line and getting sent to the slammer.

But hey, that’s no problem for Trump because it would only make him a martyr and more popular in the eyes of his cult followers. Right? Both he and Fox News are certain of it. And America is waiting and hoping that Trump tests out his theory. The sooner the better. Or is it just another lie and attempt to look tough?


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