Mob Boss Trump Demands a 5% Cut of All Funds Raised By GOP Candidates Who Use His Name or Image

The 2024 presidential election season is not going especially well for Republican candidate, and MAGA cult messiah, Donald Trump. Due to his recidivist criminal activities, Trump is wasting precious hours and days scowling in a courtroom and whining to MAGA media about what a poor, pitiful victim he is of the American judicial system that he complains is corrupt and biased against him.

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Meanwhile, President Biden is advancing a progressive agenda for the nation and traversing the country, meeting with swing state voters, and celebrating the promise and optimism of a nation that is making real progress. The contrast between Biden’s positive campaign and Trump’s future of felonious courtroom melodrama reflects the differences between a true statesman who has the best interests of the people at heart, and a confirmed criminal who is desperately seeking to avoid prison.

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Affirming the failure of Trump’s campaign is the abysmal results of his fundraising. The Biden team has raised over $190 million, more than double Trump’s take. And while spending more to open field offices and hire staff, Biden’s camp still has millions more cash on hand. This disparity has caused the Trump team to resort to some peculiar and brazenly unethical methods to juice their income. As reported by Politico, Trump’s camp sent a letter to his fellow Republicans demanding that any candidates “who use his name, image and likeness in fundraising appeals give at least 5 percent of the proceeds” to Trump. The letter states that…

“Beginning tomorrow, we ask that all candidates and committees who choose to use President Trump’s name, image, and likeness split a minimum of 5% of all fundraising solicitations to Trump National Committee JFC. This includes but is not limited to sending to the house file, prospecting vendors, and advertising.”

The letter ominously warns that failure to comply with these demands “will result in the suspension of business relationships between the vendor and Trump National Committee.” Conversely, those who are obedient “will be seen favorably by the RNC and President Trump’s campaign and [be] reported to the highest levels of leadership within both organizations.” So y’all better behave, ya hear?

This isn’t the first time that Trump has issued this sort of self-serving decree. In March of 2023, Trump threatened the House GOP’s campaign arm to “stop using the former president’s image and likeness in your fundraising pitches or you will pay.”

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Also, in March of 2021, Trump’s campaign legal team sent out cease and desist orders to the Republican National Committee to bar them from using Trump’s image. On that occasion it turned out to be an empty threat and there were no apparent repercussions for disobeying. Proving once again that Trump is all mouth.

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When asked to comment about this new demand for a 5% cut, Danielle Alvarez, a Trump campaign spokesperson, said that “It is important to protect small dollar donors from scammers that use the president’s name and likeness.” That’s right! Because only Trump is allowed to scam those small dollar donors. And anyone who forgets that might end up sleeping with the fishes. Capisce?


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