Trump Brags that Truth Social is the ‘Voice’ of His ‘Movement’ and Begs His Cult to Support It

Shortly after Donald Trump incited the violent insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, he was banned from Twitter in order to prevent him from fomenting more riots by spreading more lies about the 2020 presidential election being “rigged and stolen” from him.

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Donald Trump

In retaliation for that preventative measure by the responsible moderators at Twitter at the time, Trump launched his own social media site, Truth Social, that he promised would be a bastion of free speech for everyone. Of course, that was never the purpose of the site. It was always intended to be a platform for Trump to disgorge his rancid rants that consisted almost entirely of attacking his enemies, exalting himself, and funneling cash into his own pockets. The latter of which hasn’t worked out particularly well for him…

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In the few weeks that the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) stock has been listed on the NASDAQ, it has suffered devastating losses. It has declined 62.5% from the high it hit on its first day of trading. Anyone who invested in it, and didn’t sell on day one, has already lost a bundle. It’s CEO couldn’t account for its flopping on Fox News. And it’s only gonna get worse.

Consequently, Trump is attempting to pump up the stock so that there is something left for him when he is legally able to dump it. Which, barring any favors from the TMTG boar, won’t be for six months. So on Friday morning Trump posted a comment on Truth Social to beseech his glassy-eyed cult disciples to bail him out.

“I am so proud of Truth Social, because I believe it represents the Make America Great Again Movement, and it shows the Spirit and Love of our Country. If people who believe in putting America First and want to Make America Great Again, support TRUTH, we will be your Voice like never before, and a Real Voice is what our Country needs, because we are in decline, and must bring America to Greatness. Think of this as a Movement, the Greatest Movement in the History of our Country. We are going to Save our Country, and Make America Great Again, GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE!”

Let’s set aside the pathetic spectacle of this fake billionaire begging his saps to salvage his sinking social media scam. And never mind the absurdity of Trump praising it as a place that “shows the Spirit and Love of our Country,” when it’s mostly a fetid swamp of hostility and negativity. Even in this comment Trump maligns America as a country “in decline.”

What Trump is actually revealing here is that the site is not, and never was, the Internet “town hall” that he promised. He is now saying explicitly that it is his vehicle to exclusively promote his interests and to advance his “movement.” And therefore, he implores his MAGA minions to “support TRUTH.” In other words, join and prop up his failing business and stock.

So according to Trump, Truth Social isn’t really a free speech platform at all. It’s the PR arm of a partisan movement (aka cult), and slush fund generator for Dear Leader. But if it were truly “the Greatest Movement in the History of our Country,” he wouldn’t have to shamelessly solicit this support, and sponge off of his pitiful flock, and lie about his imaginary success. But then again, when has he ever done anything but that?


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