The Hilariously Schizo Fox News Explanation For ‘Why Chris Christie will be impeached in 2014’

If there is one thing that you can depend on with Fox News, it’s that anything that ever goes wrong will be attributed to President Obama or some amorphous cabal of evil liberals. And so it is with the tribulations of New Jersey thug/governor, Chris Christie.

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According to an editorial by former Republican congressman, and current Fox News contributor, John LeBoutillier, the threat to Christie’s governorship and presidential aspirations is rooted in the dastardliness of Democrats. LeBoutillier’s article, titled “Why Chris Christie will be impeached in 2014,” opines that Christie’s future is fatally hampered, not because of the nefarious activities of his closest associates, and perhaps himself, but because Democrats “know how to run a gut-cutting, down-and-dirty-if-necessary investigation against a political opponent.” In LeBoutillier’s myopic and paranoid vision Democrats are an omnipotent force of political vigilantes who have the power to collapse the Christie empire.

LeBoutillier: They know how to take aim – and then keep their eye on the target – no matter what. They know they have most of the media with them – and they thus are not afraid of “over-reach.” And they have the killer instinct that almost all Republicans lack.

Exactly! While Republicans have been politely bashing Democrats as godless socialists intent on destroying America, curtailing freedom, abetting terrorism, and undermining the nation’s financial and moral foundation, all along it has really been the Democrats who have overreached with their killer instinct.

As evidence of this assault on the poor, innocent GOP, LeBoutillier cites the creation of committees in the New Jersey legislature to investigate the budding Bridge-Gate scandal. How dare the Democrats seek to learn the truth about a major political controversy wherein a governor allegedly abused his office for payback against a political opponent. Republicans would never advocate such an inquiry aimed at Democrats – unless it had to do with the IRS and the Tea Party.

LeBoutillier advances the theory that Democrats are haranguing Christie for two reasons, neither of which is that he is suspected of having deliberately caused grave harm to millions of his constituents.

The first reason floated is that Democrats want to get back at Christie for the despicable treatment they have suffered under his leadership as governor. LeBoutillier candidly admits that Christie has been a real cad, calling Democrats “animals” and suggesting that someone should “take a bat” to the Senate Democratic leader. The second reason Democrats have for going after Christie is that they allegedly fear his candidacy for president in 2016. So obviously they somehow convinced his closest aides to embark on a monumentally stupid mission to cripple traffic and commerce so that they could pin it all on the governor. Makes perfect sense.

But here is where LeBoutillier goes off the rails. He also points out that Christie’s own party is loath to support him. Apparently they have not been treated any better than Democrats by the brutish Christie administration. LeBoutillier says that Christie…

“…has systematically bulldozed so many fellow Republicans that they are tentative and tepid in their support. For four years it has been known inside Jersey politics that if you made even the mildest criticism of the governor, he would come after you with a vengeance. Payback and punishment have become the rule over the past four years.”

Reminder: LeBoutillier is a Republican writing an editorial for Fox News. Yet this characterization of Christie affirms those who have criticized him as a bully, a charge that he and his defenders have strongly denied. LeBoutillier’s commentary reinforces the impression of Christie as someone who would participate in a scheme to seek revenge on a political foe. It aligns him with the sentiment expressed by his pal, and Port Authority executive, David Wildstein, who dismissed reservations about children being hurt by saying that it’s OK because “They are the children of Buono voters,” a reference to Barbara Buono, Christie’s Democratic opponent in the last gubernatorial campaign.

LeBoutillier concludes by saying that impeachment is inevitable and that “[Christie] does not survive in 2014.” And while he concedes that Christie has burned a lot of bridges (only figuratively, so far) among his fellow Republicans, LeBoutillier saved his harshest judgment for Democrats. This despite the fact that the only impeachment proceedings in modern times were orchestrated by Republicans in congress who targeted Bill Clinton for his personal misbehavior. There was no credible talk of impeachment of George W. Bush, even after it was certified that he invaded a country on false pretenses. And the past five years has seen numerous GOP politicians and pundits advocate the impeachment of President Obama for nothing more than because they just hate him so damn much.

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Nevertheless, it is Democrats that LeBoutillier castigates as having a “killer instinct” and a determination to impeach the unfairly beleaguered governor. And by asserting that “almost all Republicans lack” those traits, he reveals a remarkable degree of tunnel-blindness and undermines any credibility he might otherwise have been afforded.


3 thoughts on “The Hilariously Schizo Fox News Explanation For ‘Why Chris Christie will be impeached in 2014’

  1. LeBoutillier’s argument is fatally flawed. He seems to assume Issa is a Democrat.

  2. I’ve been reading about the way Christie told Romney not to do any fundraising in NJ. It appeared to be a threat and caused Romney to avoid fundraising in NJ. Christie’s behavior in this incident reminded me of that of a mafia boss. It has also been reported that when Christie did anything for Romney’s campaign, he had to have a private jet, the best food and service, and five star hotels to stay in while he was attending the event(s.) Romney also rejected Christie as his 2012 running mate because he felt there were a lot of “dark” issues and doings related to Christie which Christie refused to disclose. So, yes, imo, Christie has not only been callous in his dealing with democrats but with republicans, too. Christie’s entire public image is just like that of Paul Ryan—a manufactured one created and promoted by the GOP and it’s MSM enablers.

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