Rush Limbaugh Leaving New York?

When Rush Limbaugh says something, you can take it to the … well, the AIG subsidiary that manages credit default swaps.

On his radio program yesterday, Limbaugh went on an extended tirade over taxes in New York. Seeing as how hundreds of millions of dollars, and villas in New York, Florida, and probably more, aren’t enough to satisfy his thirst for opulence and Oxy-Contin, he is threatening to abandon the Big Apple and relocate elsewhere:

“I’m gonna look for an alternative studio somewhere outside New York. I’ll sell my apartment. I’ll sell my condominium. I’m gonna get out of there totally because this is just absurd, and it’s ridiculous.”

I’m going to go record now as being completely and utterly skeptical that Limbaugh will keep his word and flee the city. It is just another example of his boorish posturing that is more theatrical than truthful (which pretty well describes his whole act).

Although I don’t for a second believe that Limbaugh will bail, Jon Stewart (and millions of New Yorkers) are hoping that he will:

Go on Rush…we DARE you!


7 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Leaving New York?

  1. I don’t blame him.

    I’m leaving too. The taxes are killing me.

    Bye New York!

    • I hope the two of you are very happy together.

  2. You can live in that rot hole you call New York.

    I’m happy to be out but sorry I’m not going where Rush is. I’m going to Texas. Company’s moving there because the taxes are too high.

    • Actually, I don’t live in New York. I don’t even like visiting it. That’s not the point.

      The point is that Rush is a grandstanding liar. He won’t leave. He will just bitch about this to rile up his listeners who, ironically, don’t appreciate what a hypocrite he is for living in NY while pretending to be a heartland hero.

  3. Whatever you say man!

    I’m being killed by the taxes. Bought a great house in Texas for 1/3 of the price in New York. Very happy…..


  4. My theory is that Rush is leaving because he’s losing listeners and therefore his pay check is getting cut! He and O’Reilly have NEVER been for the little guy; they’re always been out for themselves only. Those who think they speak for the working class are total suckers!

    • I agree that it’s ridiculous to say that Limbaugh and O’Reilly are advocates for the working class. But I still bet he won’t leave New York.

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