Fox News Floats Conspiracy Theory that Biden is Plotting to Assault Trump to Avoid Debating Him

The demented drivel that emanates from Fox News on any given day is relentlessly ridiculous. They find fault with President Biden and Democrats on everything from the atrocity of eating an ice cream cone to the flagrantly false fear mongering about confiscation of household appliances.

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump

On Friday morning, Fox’s “Outnumbered” outdid themselves with some of the most preposterous displays of performative outrage they have ever cooked up. And that’s saying something, considering that Fox News is the network that recently said that Trump would benefit from going to jail for contempt of court; that the recent eclipse was a Democratic plot to sneak migrants into America; and that Trump’s brain was being drained by having to attend his criminal trial in New York.

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The subject on Friday’s episode of “Outnumbered” was whether and when there would be debates between Biden and Trump. Predictably, the co-hosts of the program engaged in baseless and childish insults. But they went even further over the cliff’s edge with utterly bizarre accusations about Biden plotting to steal the election and “sabotage” Trump prior to the debate.

Kara Frederick: What they’re gonna do, in my opinion, is they’re gonna delay, delay, delay, until most of those mail-in votes have been cast. You know, past July when most of the electorate has already voted. […] There’s not enough uppers in the world at this point to get that man sentient.
Emily Compagno: It will probably be a Nancy Kerrigan situation too, where right as Trump is walking out they like snip the mic. ‘Oh no! We tried. We showed up. It was a flat tire. I’m sure it will be something…sabotage.

To refresh everyone’s memory, Nancy Kerrigan was a championship figure skater who was assaulted prior to her routine by an associate of another contestant. So Campagno is not-so-subtly implying that the Biden team is planning to do something similar. Only a MAGA nutcase would imagine that sort of thing, because it’s what they want to do to Biden.

As for Frederick, let’s set aside her infantile swipe at Biden, accusing him of taking drugs to stay awake. Once again, that’s textbook projection following the reports of Trump repeatedly falling asleep during his criminal trial.

More significant is Frederick’s charge that the Biden campaign wants to delay any debates until after “most of those mail-in votes have been cast.” Which she says would be in July. Seriously? Not single mail-in or early vote anywhere in the country will have been cast at that time. The party nominating conventions won’t even have been completed. How ignorant and/or dishonest do you have to be to say that “most of the electorate has already voted” by then?

Speaking of ignorant and dishonest, Trump himself weighed in again on mail-in and early voting. Outside the courtroom on Friday, Trump made another of his factless rants about how such measures are racked with fraud…

“In the old days it was election day. Now it’s election…some of these things 48 days. 48 days of cheating. Which we hate. We gotta bring the elections back to paper ballots. Which, by the way is very sophisticated. They make very sophisticated paper. You can’t cheat. It’s very simple. It would cost about 9% of what the machines cost and what elections cost. And it would be safe. But paper ballots, voter ID – you need voter ID – and same day voting.”

So not only is Trump imagining some miraculous, “very sophisticated paper,” with which “You can’t cheat,” he’s reiterating his opposition to voting machines and early voting. Which is interesting in that his daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump, who he recently installed as the chair of the Republican Party, has been furiously imploring Republicans to “embrace early voting [because] The days of waiting until Election Day to vote are over.” That obviously doesn’t square with what Daddy Trump is ferociously fretting about. Maybe he’s just scared about Biden coming to kneecap him. Although, according to Trump – and the conservatives on the Supreme Court – Biden couldn’t be prosecuted for that.